Question Embedded PDF throwing error.


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Jun 26, 2011
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Hi all,

I've developed a web application that in part takes a PDF uploaded by a user, saves it off to a shared folder on another internal server, and then displays that PDF to the user inside of the web browser as an embedded object using an ASP literal control. All users and servers are within our corporate intranet.

Everything was working fine and was pretty much ready to deploy about two weeks ago when I shelved the project to work on one whose priority was bumped up. I picked it back up today and it's now giving an error when I pass the embedded object code into the literal to display the PDF in the browser. "Adobe PDF Document: Access Denied." pops up. Hitting "OK" leaves an inset rectangle devoid of anything where the PDF should be displayed.

Everyone is on IE 7 due to some requirements of our enterprise applications. OS is Windows XP. PDF reader is Adobe Reader X. ASP.Net version is 3.5.

Any ideas out there:confused:
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