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May 11, 2016
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Hi All,

We have an old application developed in framework 2.0 running in our local intranet site.

This system primarily is sort of DMS , where users search drawings and view it.

It is using Autovue to open file and display in web browser. System doesn't store any file but just the path of the file.

and we invoke the Autovue command along with Path to view the file.

Problem now is autovue is pretty old and needs an upgrade. Meanwhile management has asked us to look for ways to eliminate the use of Autovue.

Is it possible to open a local file through browser. It should open any file with the native software installed on the client machine.

I was able to do it using VBA in excel sheet for some different task

But I am looking to add this sort of to our system which uses Autovue.

Any help pls.

Thanks in advance.
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