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    Question DLL in Win7 Embeded and Win7 Pro

    Hi not sure if this is the correct forum thread for this, but i have created a DLL using Vb.net and VS2012 and it works great on my development PC which is Win 7 Professional. The DLL receives Packets over multicast UDP and then reassembles the data and sends acknowledgements back over the...
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    Question Embedded PDF throwing error.

    Hi all, I've developed a web application that in part takes a PDF uploaded by a user, saves it off to a shared folder on another internal server, and then displays that PDF to the user inside of the web browser as an embedded object using an ASP literal control. All users and servers are within...
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    Question Problem : i receive .dat files in an e-mail with embedded images. How come ?

    Hi, this is my first time here so i hope i can find some help ^^ My problem is that i'm working on a project and i have to send embedded images in an email. Here is an example of my code : Dim FicImage As New LinkedResource(chemin) Dim cle As String = Key.Substring(4, Key.Length() - 4)...
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    Question Sending an e-mail with images as linked resources

    I am trying to send an e-mail via a CLR stored procedure in VB.NET. I have managed to send the HTML body, however I have had trouble with the embedded images. The images are stored in the SQL Server as nvarchar in an ASCII format. I stored them through code in the DB in the base MS Access...