1. Sriram Surampudi

    Question How to open popup window and redirect to another page

    I have a situation, when I click on a button, I need to open a URL in browser's pop-up window and then redirect the current page to another page using VB.NET. But when I click on the button, I am not seeing the pop-up window but page is redirecting based on the condition. To open the popup...
  2. Kirito

    VB.Net in Jetbrains Rider - Help!?

    Hi :) I'm using Jetbrains Rider. It's nice, but the VB.Net support is kinda buggy currently. There are some tickets open for some quite important stuff, but jetbrains decided now to not further investigate until the tickets get enough upvotes. I guess they think there are not enough people...
  3. L

    quickly ping a range of ip addresses

    Good day! Tell me how to quickly ping a range of ip addresses with Resp output. Time, HostName, Mac? The form has a datagridview 2 text boxes and a button. Enter the range of ip addresses in the text fields, click on the button and the datagridview is filled. there is the following code, which...
  4. Deva

    Is it safe method to connect database in online?

    Is it safe method to connect mysql database in online using vb.net ? help me out is there is any other way ? Public MysqlConnection As String = "Data Source=.;Database=newDatabase;User Id=root; Password=admin"
  5. A

    Question how do I code a button to select an image?

    I want the user to select an image by clicking the button and then clicking select that will close the form. I have the images in a separate folder that I have added as a picturebox and they are added above their respected button. So what I am trying to do is create an if-else statement, where...
  6. darshan

    Question Identify the wrong code

    Public Sub Main(sDocumentType() As String) Try _dtParameters = DjjData.GetApplicationParameters(ApplicationType) ErrorPanel.DJJ_ApplicationType = ApplicationType ErrorPanel.DJJ_BizType = BizType ErrorPanel.DJJ_Emailonerror = True...
  7. muhammadali999

    Question win32_portconnector is used for ?

    what win32_portconnector is used for ? This question have 3 parts. What is the use case of win32_portconnector ? Can I get state of ports using it like Mouse cable, charger, HDMI cables etc ? Why VM have null results on this query :Get-WmiObject Win32_PortConnector ? On VM: PS...
  8. LMCKC207

    Resolved how to display text in a listbox?

    Hello, I need some help, please. I'm trying to replicate this image but I have no idea how to do the squared one. It is a list box but I don't know how to display the text like that inside of that.
  9. Innww

    Resolved Drag & Drop uwp app to winforms for AUIMD

    I am trying to "Drag & Drop" icons from the Start Menu in windows 10 to get it's Target; Naturally this works with .lnk but when dealing with a UWP . FileName, FileNameW and FileDrop is always "Nothing" I can't figure this out. Is there a way to perhaps help me? I have tried everything I could...
  10. J

    Question Connecting individual programs to MySQL

    Hello all! To give a bit of background, I'm working on a program that allows customers (each with their own client) to scan a barcode and it uploads to a MySQL database. Now, my questions: What is the process for either making each client program that I install on their computer to be ID'd as...
  11. J

    Perform search on Datagridview using SQL queries

    I've written some code to import an Excel spreadsheet into DataGridView. I now need to write some code to perform a search on the DataGridView, where the user enters some search criteria into a text box, and then DataGridVIew control fills with matching results. So, I looked online for a...
  12. W

    FYI Great info on the current state of VB.Net by former PM Anthony Green

    I would HIGHLY recommend reading this for every VB.Net developer. https://anthonydgreen.net/2020/03/15...-practicality/ Also, for those that aren't aware, there is a VB.Net "community" on github here with more information. dotnet/vblang
  13. J

    Importing Excel spreadsheet into DataGridView and completing search

    I am converting an old VBA application to VB.NET. This application contains several tools, and I need some help converting one of them over. Essentially, there is an Excel spreadsheet full of customer information such as the customer's company name, model number, serial number, warranty end...
  14. kdsdata

    Why Microsoft has no VB examples

    When I search Microsoft site(s) for things that should include examples in vb.net code there usually is only c#. And so it goes on most sites that are returned for Google searches. One survey for late 2019 says vb.net is as strong as ever, something like in the top 5 platforms. So why is it so...
  15. Runescope

    Question Putting multiple texts into an image.

    What I have is a couple hundred patterns that I want to paste or insert or what have you onto a picturebox at a particular spot. I can get the pattern to show up where I click with no problem. What I can't do though is get more than one pattern to show up in the picturebox. Every time I click...
  16. M

    Multi-Threaded file copying?

    Hello, Im a noob but am trying to learn. Ive found a way to make VB useful for a task ive been given to copy thousands of files to a slow SAN server daily. Right now i copy one file at a time. it works. painfully slow but it works. What id like to do is come up with some kind of stack where...
  17. N

    Question Read Time & Seconds From JSON file and Send Mail

    Hi, I a going to develop a new VB.net Windows service which will continuously run and read data from JSOn File and send mail. JSON file contains 2 array with Different time [Below is the Sample JSON]. NextRuntime parameter is when the particular section of JSON file to be Execute at defined...
  18. Runescope

    Resolved Pick from DataGridView ComboBox with Pre-Filled Collection

    So I have a DataGridView control, it has a few columns, one column is a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn. I have pre-filled it through it's own Items collection with the numbers 0 to 9. I want to pick one of the numbers as a default when the program loads, how do I select it's index? Here's the...
  19. S

    Question Listview TopItem Alternatives with Groups

    Hi all, In a function called up the PageUP and PageDown keys, in the presence of a grouping, I need to scroll the items of a listview positioning the first item of the group as the first element of the listview. I saw that the "TopItem" property works only in the absence of groups. I tried this...
  20. J

    Question selenium webdriver run only one instance

    i want to access Form1 class Selenium from another class but problem here is whenever access to Form1 selenium another instance execute. i only want to use only one instance . anyone enlighten me much appreciate Public Class Form1 Public service As ChromeDriverService =...
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