1. A

    Question How to use silverlight

    I am new to silverlight, so i don't know the use of silverlight in vb.net. please help me by basic sample.
  2. M

    Question picture into an rtf ?

    Hi, I've created a word processor in VB.NET Using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition and the WPF Toolkit and Fluent Ribbon Control. I have a slight minor problem. When I insert a picture into an rtf document using my word processor the picture won't show up in Windows Wordpad or when I open a...
  3. T

    Question FTP File Delete

    I'm creating a login checker using FTP Upload on Login, FTP deletion on logout, I got Upload to work, And I addressed the ftp name & the file but still it won't delete the file. Please tell me the code, as I plan to release the app soon.
  4. S

    Class across multiple modules.

    Can I define my VB.Net class across multiple modules? I have a class that has many subs, I want to spread them across multiple modules for better management.
  5. jlcruzAME

    Populating Span Tag Works For One Piece, Doesn't For Another

    link.InnerHtml = "<a href = '" + picAddress + "' target = '_blank' onclick = 'hidespan'> Click here to submit pictures and forms for WO " + woNumber + "</a>" Above is a piece of code that populates a span tag when a user clicks on a button called submit files. It will work on my system when...
  6. R

    Question DropManyLinkedU - making addin for visio

    I am working on my diploma work. The goal is to create addin in visio that should be able to load data from access and vizualize them. I am working in visual studio 2010. I have problem with one sub (the most important:D), which should take data from visio.datarecordset a draw them on active...
  7. cwnonthehill

    Question Filter DataGridView by string in format of MMddyyyy

    ok, guys, I have a SQL database with a column called "Date" but with a format of "nchar(8)" so examples of field data are... 12112012 01012013 02022013 etc... In VB i have a DGV that is databound to this sql table. So, my second column in the DGV is the same as what i have explained above...
  8. S

    Question membership and assigning users to role (multilevel)

    Dear friends, I have been using visual studio 2010 and my language is vb (windows application) , I want to create membership system to define roles and assign users to them , can anyone help me how to handle it ? as far as I know from web based applications, we can use session to manage...
  9. E

    bound datagridview into crystal report

    i have a bound datagridview populated with data and 1 button(named - preview), now my goal is , whenever the user click the preview button, all the data in the datagridview will be displayed in the crystal report,(with the same format)., thanks in advance
  10. A

    Start form on left down corner.

    Hello, this is my first thread/post, I am a beginner on VB.NET, I need some help to position my form at the left down corner no matter what resolution you are using. I have this code which I got from the internet, it positions the form at the right down corner using WorkingArea, but I would like...
  11. E

    2 Datagridview full row select

    i have 2 datagridviews, what i want to achieve is whenever the user clicks a row(selectionmode = fullrowselect) in dgv1 the same row will also be selected in dgv2(selectionmode = fullrowselect) , the same goes when the user clicks on dgv2., thanks in advance :D
  12. E

    datagridview how to validate cell value

    i have 2 datagridview, now i want to perform a input validation in each cell to know if the dgv2 value is greater than the dgv1 value i used the ff code., and ofcourse it didnt work XD Private Sub DataGridViewMC1_RIS_ISSUANCE_CellLeave(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
  13. C

    Question Using fileopen to build data array from text files with mulitple lines to listbox

    I'm making a program that reads data from a large amount of files into a data array with fileopen for a music and movie store front, with multiple cmb boxes for different categories to filter the files to the listbox. When a listbox item is selected it outputs a description, price and picture of...
  14. T

    Question Best option For designing Accounting Software ???!!

    Hello everybody, I am analyzing programming tools to design accounting application that user could download the setup file from my website and install enjoy it !! 1. I need it have minimum requirement to run throw end user, database would be SQL 2008. 2.It must have small size package to...
  15. T

    Question Select into outfile Query... how to avoid writing BOMs

    Hello... below is my code: Try 'create export directory if needed If (Not System.IO.Directory.Exists(Trim(TextBox64.Text))) Then System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(Trim(TextBox64.Text)) End If Catch es As Exception End Try...
  16. cwnonthehill

    Problem saving New Row's to multiple tables VB/SQLServer

    Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble making multiple row inserts to different tables. Below is my code. The idea is basically to create new rows in the dataset, then Insert those new rows to my SQL database. The first set (tblComplaint) gets inserted fine. Then when it attempts to Insert...
  17. K

    How Do I Scroll The Selected Item in the List View to the Top ?

    So I Have Like 10 Items in the List View. So if i Click The Last Item in the List View How would I scroll it to the Top of the List View ?? Thanks,
  18. cwnonthehill

    Preparing my app for ERROR

    Hey guys, I have completed work on my application, and during testing here in the office it occasionally will throw an Unhandled Exception error, mainly related to Crystal Reports which I know I can remedy by having CR installed on the end-user's PC. The one thing I find odd is that in those...
  19. jlcruzAME

    Calling a Stored Procedure

    Below is the code I currently have in place for calling a stored procedure: Dim SQLCon As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LocalSqlServer").ConnectionString) If Not SQLCon.State = ConnectionState.Open Then SQLCon.Open() End...
  20. A

    pass parameteres on crystal report , logon information

    I want to search clients that got to shop between two dates. The code I use seems alright and it doesn't return any error but the CR returns everything - It does not use the date search function. The CR I use is tested with a simple program that open CR and works fine. database is ms access and...
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