1. S

    Grade calculator

    I have the following code which is supposed to execute on button click. When i run the program, the button is not doing anything. Kindly assist where i got it all wrong Private Sub Button3_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click If...
  2. E

    Generics: List Of Class Implementing Generics

    Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around Generics... For the sake of simplicity, I've boiled everything down to a very simple example that you can copy and paste. I have a generic interface which is restricted to types that implement IComparable. I have a Class that Implements this interface...
  3. L

    Question Need to update the SQL Server with the values FROM txtBOX

    Hello to all, I am Using: SQL Server 2014, VS2015, VB, WIN FORMS. 1. I need to update the SQL Server with the values that are entered into the Textbox. 2. I have a textbox where I enter an Asset Number and I click a Search Button and it populates the Datagridview control with the results. The...
  4. G

    Question Converting Memorystream from 24BitRGB to 32BGR

    Hi, I'm capturing an image from a video card into a buffer as a memory stream. the format is "BMP,which contains BITMAPFILEHEADER, BITMAPINFOHEADER and RGB24 raw data". I then need to write it down as a BGR32. I can do it the following code (basically, Marshal.copy) but this procedure is LONG...
  5. G

    Question Need code to parse html to datagridview using HTML AGILITY PACK

    I'm new .Net programming, i need code in vb.net to parse html table to data grid view, below is the actual html sample (16 columns and 3 rows). Thank You :) Row 1 <tr align=left bgcolor="#F5F5DC"> <td valign=top colspan=1><font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="-2">0302972147</font> </td>...
  6. C

    Question Is it possible to return all items in a List/Queue without Iterating over them?

    Ok, I have a very specific situation that this would be useful for. I have a DataTable with a large number of columns(200+) that I am doing a bulk insert for in SQLite, since it does not support Update Table like SQL Server does. I want to know if there is a way after I iterate over all the...
  7. S

    Question Error Rendering report with multiple parameters

    I am very new to coding and have a project I am trying to fix that was created by a person that no longer works with our company. Can anyone help me figure out why I am getting this LocalProcessingException Occurred error? Below is my code. It dies on Response.Buffer = True. All of my parameters...
  8. R

    Question Interoperability issue between VC++ (ocx) & VB.NET applications

    Hello, We are migrating a product from VB6 to VB.NET and facing an issue. This product interacts with a function defined in VC++ component (.ocx). 1. VB6 & VB.NET function call: result = TestFunc(Param1, Param2, Param3) 2. VC++: a) Function definition in .CPP file: long...
  9. K

    Question Add columns in MS Project gantt chart

    Any pointers anyone can guide me in for how to add columns to a gantt chart in MS Project via vb.net? Thanks!
  10. T

    Question Having trouble with build executable?

    Hello I am somewhat new to vb.net but have written vba for many years. I am using Visual Studio 2012 and have built 2 prior applications in winforms. The third one I am having trouble. I debug in both debug and release mode and receive no errors or warnings. Everything runs as planned. When I...
  11. A

    plot chart using excel range

    Hello all, i have form1 in vb.net in which i have a button1 and chart1. what i want is to plot chart1 in vb.net as its as in excel. (with xy scatter with x range named as "cx"--(A2:A5), and y range named as "cy"----(B2:B5) Thanks for support. Alok
  12. irvank

    Question Delay Upload Query

    Hi Guys, I have a question about .net programming, this is what i have to do i need to build a cashier app and this app have connection with sql server at other place, so the main point is can i keep the thing that have been sold when internet down, and when internet up its automatically...
  13. G

    Question update from sql table where maximum date

    I am building a VB.NET Windows Application form, and as a newbie cannot figure out an issue. I have two sql tables, which are not joined. I wish to update one (skedulering) from another (ontledings) where I have certain "WHERE" clauses as in the following code : opdraginvoer.Connection =...
  14. bluezap

    Reading Json data

    I want to respond to this Json data in vb.net { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id": "OmyG5dPleDsByKGHsneuDQ==", "product_name": "licenses demo product", "created_at": "2014-04-05T00:21:56Z", "full_name": "Maxwell Elliott", "variants": "", "refunded"...
  15. bluezap

    Question Convert curl into vb.net

    Here is what I need to convert curl https://api.gumroad.com/v2/licenses/verify \ -d "product_permalink=QMGY" \ -d "license_key=YOUR_CUSTOMERS_LICENSE_KEY" \ -X POST Here is the response I need to react to { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id"...
  16. D

    Question Object Access Time vs. Function Processing Time

    Hello all! I'm new to VB.NET and have been toying around with creating functions, subs, classes, etc. One test program I've written tests the differences in processing times via two methods: variable access vs. function invocation. What I mean by this is I have one module and one function. In...
  17. Y

    Question How Attach Resource To Compiled EXE And Receive That?

    Hi All. I use this code to write resource to exe file : Module ResourceWriter PrivateFunction ToPtr(ByVal data AsObject)As IntPtr Dim h As GCHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(data, GCHandleType.Pinned) Dim ptr As IntPtr Try ptr = h.AddrOfPinnedObject()...
  18. V

    how to login flash site ?

    how to login a flash site in vb.net ? ex. http:// chatrandom. com/webcamchat/ http:// free.123flashchat. com/room/
  19. I

    How to draw the spatial Shape ?

    How to Draw the below Shape in vb.NET ? And i want to insert the shape in label . please give any idea
  20. R

    Delete Button Not Working

    hi so i have a basic form connected to a database to connect to a database, now my problem is that when i press delete it deletes from the datagridview but not from the actual database and yes i am checking the database in the debug folder also after I use the delete button when add a new...
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