Tip Collection of 26 Visual Basic Hands-on projects + Free source codes


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Jan 6, 2017
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This book contains the implementation of
26 simple, practical and commercial programming projects in Microsoft VB.

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The following topics have been discussed in each project :

1- Tutorial concepts of algorithms and Microsoft Visual Basic programming language
2- A guide summary of the design, implementation and execution of the project
3- Project development proposals and ideas
4- Project GUI
5- Project source code

List of the discussed visual basic projects in the book :

Project 1: The energy consumption cost calculation based on the stepped consumption pattern

Project 2: E-shopping and total price calculation

Project 3: Electronic test and test score calculation

Project 4: User authentication in security system with restricted number of login attempts

Project 5: User authentication in security system with restricted login date and time

Project 6: User authentication in security system with login time limit

Project 7: E-form with input data verification (E-form field validation)

Project 8: Math and trigonometric function calculator program

Project 9: A program to display the exact age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds with real-time updates

Project 10: Time/cost management of computer users in internet cafes

Project 11: Consecutive number serie-generator with a file output

Project 12: Step by step Installation wizard of a software

Project 13: Slideshow of images saved in gallery

Project 14: An application to manage temporary memory data of Operating System (OS Clipboard Operations)

Project 15: Ticket reservation application

Project 16: Operation execution program with keyboard and mouse buttons

Project 17: A program to sort 100-meter-race record times

Project 18: The computer terminology dictionary aplication implemented by Linear and Binary Search methods

Project 19: The application of color composition and selection in RGB color systems (same as Adobe Photoshop color palette)

Project 20: The File Management application

Project 21: A program to solve and implement sample problem using object-oriented programming method

Project 22: Text Editor

Project 23: Microsoft Word text file grammar and spell checker application

Project 24: The application for opening and closing the CD-Drive and DVD-Drive

Project 25: The multimedia player

Project 26: The management application of running processes in the operating system
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