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    Tip Collection of 26 Visual Basic Hands-on projects + Free source codes

    This book contains the implementation of 26 simple, practical and commercial programming projects in Microsoft VB. Link : Https:// The following topics have been discussed in each project : 1- Tutorial concepts of algorithms and Microsoft Visual Basic...
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    Learn How to Develop ERP (Source Code)

    Learn How to develop ERP software using VB.Net 2008 and SQL Server 2005/2008. This project is particularly useful for those who are developing an ERP software for .Net frame-work using As the topic of ERP itself is very vast, a basic portion is covered. The business logic?s used are by...

    Wallpaper Changer

    Hi, i've created a desktop wallpaper changer and added some animation part to it. As this is my first post any help whatsoever is appreciated.
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    How to set up a LAN server

    Hi, I want to make a LAN client-server app, but I am having problems with the server. I successfully made my client, and I can connect it to a server I found on the internet. But I have problems making a server myself. Can anyone give me the code to set up a server? I will try to do the rest...
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