1. F

    vb6 versus rs.EOF is true

    Hello All!, I have an applications which runs ok, in a XP machine 32 bits in combination with Bechoff Twincat plc and the PC(IPC) is from Beckhoff. The application uses a acces mdb file for to save machine settings Recently we swapped IPC machine into a IPC in Windows 10(Enterprise 2016 LTSB)...
  2. M

    Tip Collection of 26 Visual Basic Hands-on projects + Free source codes

    This book contains the implementation of 26 simple, practical and commercial programming projects in Microsoft VB. Link : Https://sites.google.com/site/itbooklets/VB The following topics have been discussed in each project : 1- Tutorial concepts of algorithms and Microsoft Visual Basic...
  3. J

    Question Reference to a non-shared member requires reference?

    Can somebody help me with this super simple VB question? <link removed by moderator>
  4. R

    Error Handling with Code ported from VB6: Throw or return codes

    Hello, we are porting over 300.000 lines of code from VB6 into VB.NET. The application is a very complex bookkeeping program having much technical booking logic, developed over many year from different programmers using different programming styles. I am involved with writing the coding...
  5. K

    Question VB.NET + VB6 web application delay

    I am dealing with a web application that includes VB.NET (UI) & VB6 middleware (DLLs). One of our installs, a Win 2003 Server/IIS 6 environment shows a 2 minute delay after the application login page. The application has been added to Trusted Sites & is not in a DMZ. It uses Forms...
  6. M

    Question Advice on an ActiveX EXE conversion

    Hi, Could anyone give me some advice? I am currently converting some old VB6 applications (ActiveX EXE's) to VB.NET. A present a VB6 server app can trigger off many instances of the old VB6 ActiveX EXE (which all run in there own memory space). The problem I am having when I convert them to...
  7. DavidRathbone

    Label Arrays With Option Strict On Made Easy

    Looking on the web very few have got VB.net 2008/2010 using object arrays working. I felt it was time to give back what I have taken from the web for any other users. VB6 had a simple object array system which has been lost in VB.net As a C#/ C++ programer I like dot.net but think "Basic"...
  8. V

    Available VB6 Developer position available in Pennsylvania

    Primary Skills: VB6/.Net, passport packaging (Ventyx), Webmethods, SQL Description: Job Title: Passport/VB/ .Net Programmer Duration: 1 year Start Date: ASAP Location: Allentown, PA Position Type: Contract (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) Required Skills: • VB6/.Net programming • Passport...
  9. B

    Question Attempted to read or write protected memory

    I am trying to use a .dll in .Net that was written in C++ and was previously used in a VB6 application. I get the error mentioned above. I see lots of posts referring to how VB6's long data type is different in .Net but these functions use only integers and strings. Can anyone tell me what is...
  10. X

    Question Quick shortcuts from VB6 in VB.NET

    I have finally made the move to VB.NET (VS2008) and don't look back, however there are a few little annoyances that slow down development. VB6 had certain shortcuts that allow for quick navigation, problem is I can't find how to do this in .NET. The following points are the shortcuts in VB6 i'm...
  11. B

    Question vb6 handle .net com class events

    i have the ComClassSearchCustomers class and interface IComClassSearchCustomersat .net which used to create a tlb file. The class raise an event inside new. After that i have a vb6 form Form1 which catch the event , but it never see the event. Any ideas? Option Strict On Option Explicit On...
  12. F

    Question .NET/PIA/ACCDB Interoperability Problem

    Greetings All, I've been searching for a solution to this problem for quite some time. The company I work for has been in the process of migrating vb6 code to .NET for a while now. The vb6 code used Access MDB for its data storage, and when compiled and deployed to client machines, it worked...
  13. D

    Question Exposing .NET COM component to VB6

    Hello my saviors (I hope), I have a little problem getting my .NET component to work in VB6. I have created in Visual Studio 2008 with VB.NET using the COM Class template a assembly which I want to call in VB6. This is the code: <ComClass(TestTemplateClass.ClassId...