vb6 versus rs.EOF is true

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May 25, 2021
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Hello All!,

I have an applications which runs ok, in a XP machine 32 bits in combination with Bechoff Twincat plc and the PC(IPC) is from Beckhoff.
The application uses a acces mdb file for to save machine settings
Recently we swapped IPC machine into a IPC in Windows 10(Enterprise 2016 LTSB) environment, 32 bits , X64 processor

The application is made in VB6 version 9782 and we have recently changed some issues concerning colors is some text field, This new version is running in combination with the twincat plc but as soon as I want to read some machine settings from the database (mdb) in to a field then the values stays on zero but in real there are values in the database.

After logging , I found out that for some reason the RS.EOF condition is true, while in XP it is false

'Read dimensions
strSQL = "Select PackDefID, LayerLength, LayerWidth From tbl_Layer " & "Where LayerID = '" & m_LayerID & "'"
rs.Open strSQL, dbsConn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockOptimistic

If Not rs.EOF Then
m_PackDefID = ValX(rs![PackDefID])

LoadingDimension.LayerLength = ValX(rs![LayerLength])
LoadingDimension.LayerWidth = ValX(rs![LayerWidth])
end if

Xp is using jetengine 4.0 and framework 2.0
win 10 is .net framwork 4.8 installed, Miacces database engine 2010

Anyone any idea's?

Please feel free to comment.

If some info is missing please et me know

Kind regards,

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