1. G

    Resolved System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: 'Data type mismatch in criteria expression.'

    I have an SQL query which was provided by one of the forum members which works fine.. I need to enhance this by making 2 literals which are part of the SQL query as variables. ' sqlSelect1 = "SELECT L_CALL, L_QSONR FROM LOGBOOK WHERE L_CALL = @callsign AND L_DATE=...
  2. F

    vb6 versus rs.EOF is true

    Hello All!, I have an applications which runs ok, in a XP machine 32 bits in combination with Bechoff Twincat plc and the PC(IPC) is from Beckhoff. The application uses a acces mdb file for to save machine settings Recently we swapped IPC machine into a IPC in Windows 10(Enterprise 2016 LTSB)...
  3. C

    Question Unable to delete row from database

    I have a windows form which connects to multiple database tables. On my form, I have a combobox. I want to be able to hit the delete button and remove the row from the access database which corresponds with the selected combobox value. I've tried many variations of this in my code but am...
  4. J

    SQL Statement in local database not adding a record

    This is one of those I don't know what the heck I'm doing posts. It's my last/final project in VB.Net and we never learned how to access the local database in the code, we only learned how to access it using grid views in the toolbox. Information: No errors but the values are not being...
  5. S

    Question How to use SQL commands with DataSets

    What I want to do is load two tables from MS Access into VB.NET and modify the data they contain with SQL statements I have managed to copy the two tables into a dataset, but now I am stuck on how to run SQL commands on them Someone did say that if your data is in a dataset you cannot use SQL...
  6. D

    Question Getting data from access database

    i'm coding dictionary program dealing with idoms and sentences as example if i wrote on english textbox: it suppose to get this row from arabic column in database: and applied in arabic textbox like this: as the first line is arabic translation and the second phrase means: (another...
  7. J

    Question Simple database help in getting started

    Hello everyone, First time poster here! I need a little help and direction with how to go about writing a program using a database. Apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong section. Aims: 1) To be able to make a form that takes about 8 pieces of information and stores it on a central...
  8. S

    Question How to detect control characters in database fields

    What is the best way to detect and remove control characters (TAB,CR,LF) from fields in a database table?
  9. F

    Question access in win8

    Hello all, i have deployed in the past a project in (net framework 3.5) and win.7 in which i used access as database and everything worked fine. When i tested the program in win.8 even though the program behaves as it should, the changes aren't saved in the database in the program...
  10. nineclicks

    SearchOption.AllDirectories Acees to path is denied.

    For Each str As String In Directory.GetFiles(folder, "*.*", SearchOption.AllDirectories) Dim fi As FileInfo = New FileInfo(str) If fi.Extension = ".ini" Then Else fileList.Add(str) End If Next I'm...
  11. venomphil

    Linking Combo Boxes with text boxes independently

    Hi VB.Net Forums, I have created a form that references a access database and this works great. Currently I have a list of products in a combo box and when the user selects the product I want the items price to be displayed in a text box My problem is when the user selects a different option...
  12. N

    Insert statement not working

    Hi there. This may seem to be an age-old problem to many of you, but I have searched almost everywhere, and haven't found a solution that worked. I have an access database on a network drive, which I am viewing on a datagridview on my form. This DB has 5 columns including the primary key, which...
  13. cwnonthehill

    Question Parent/Child table's in SQL SERVER?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, so thanks in advance for your time and help!! I will do my best to explain my situation... I have two SQL Tables and am using VB to represent a user interface for adding/editing this data... Below are screenshots of my two tables tblCollection =========== and...
  14. U

    Combo box - list box - Access database

    Hi! Basically I need to create a form that will display a summary of the population trend for each species of butterfly from a database that I have. I will do this by having the user select which butterfly species he/she wants to view from a combo box and then the list box will display the...
  15. K

    Question How to insert customer details into Orders table

    Hey there. I've got 3 hours left to finish a uni project. It's a basic Access database driven e-commerce site. I have a home page, a products page, an orders page, an order confirm page, a shopping cart page and a view current orders page. The site uses an Access database with three tables. A...
  16. D

    Question database choice

    Hey everyone :) im working on a project using 2010 , i receive lot of data and i have to stock it in a table with 4 columns , in 3 days i receive 300.000 rows of data wich database should i use (access , sql server .....) ?? :)
  17. D

    SQL String not working to populate datagrid

    Greetings I am just starting out with data access and vb net. I have the following code that works fine if the value of textbox txt_HorseName.Text is not populated, the if statement does evaluate to true and the where clause is not added to the SQL string. The SQL string is valid for both...
  18. I

    Question TableAdapter, Add works, Update works, Delete has no effect

    Don't know what's happened to my post?... Hi All, I've been banging my head against this for days now if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated I've got a couple of forms that share a datatable (declared in a module as public), it's basically a list of documents, one form has a...
  19. J

    Question Comparing Multiple Querys

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Access 2007 I am not sure of the best way to describe my problem, but here goes I have a query (PartsQry) in access that has 6 columns (ID, KYWD1, KYWD2, KYWD3, KYWD4, KYWD5). The KYWD columns hold various keywords that are specific to the ID. In my...
  20. A

    Question how to insert/update/delete with where clause? Plz help!

    hi, I am using this piece of code Private m_adoconn As New OleDb.OleDbConnection Private m_daDataAdapter As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter Private m_cbCommandBuilder As OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder Private m_dttable1 As New DataTable ' procedure to for select query m_daDataAdapter = New...
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