Converted WinForms .NET core to .NET Framework project...Facing errors


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Apr 3, 2022
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I was trying to convert a existing Windows Form Application (VB.NET) to Windows Form Application (VB.NET Framework) as I wanted to use Data Sources. After copying all the sources files and form design files and making necessary changes in the code, the application is running but with some kind of weird scaling issue. Also none of the image resources are showing up and the designer view of the forms and UserControls are blank.
If anyone has any idea what to do please contact me.

- App runs but with weird scaling issue
- No resources are displayed
- Form designer empty

Link for original project:
Personal Assistant - Windows Forms Application (.NET )

Contact :<email removed by moderator>

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I don't know what you did to "convert" the project but, in my experience, creating a new project in the same solution and then dragging and dropping forms and other project items in the solution explorer is the best bet. If you have settings and/or resources, recreating them manually would be the way to go. I would only suggest trying to convert a project in place if it is very large and complex.