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    Question Invalid Attempt To Call Metadata When Reader Is Closed

    I get an error " INVALID ATTEMPT TO READ METADATA WHEN READER IS CLOSED" when i run my program. Plz help me solve this problem. Below is my Code. Private Sub cmbstudentid_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
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    Question Unit Length Converter Calculation

    Hello Everyone, I am doing a project "Unit Length Converter" using VB.NET. I have two dropdownlist, 10 lines of textboxes (20 textboxes each side) and one Calculate button. Please see the graphical sample of my project I am doing right now: I selected the units of...
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    DHTMLX Scheduler .NET Samples Converted to Visual Basic

    Great news for Visual Basic programmers. The C# samples of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET web control have been successfully converted into Visual Basic and are available for download.
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    Available .NET Web Developer - Pleasant Prairie, WI

    StartDate: IMMEDIATELY! EmployeeType: Contract to HIRE Duration:CONTRACT is 6 – 12 Mo. To PERMANENT PayRate: Contract Rate: $60 - $95/Hr. DOE& Permanent Rate (FTE) $70 -$95K WorkStatus: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1BSponsorship is not available at this time. C2C isavailable for...
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    Question URL Rewriting in iis7

    What are the basic or minimum requirements to start url rewriting in iis 7 with vb?
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    Question Embedded PDF throwing error.

    Hi all, I've developed a web application that in part takes a PDF uploaded by a user, saves it off to a shared folder on another internal server, and then displays that PDF to the user inside of the web browser as an embedded object using an ASP literal control. All users and servers are within...
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    Configuration files

    The root configuration files (the machine.config file and the root Web.config file) for the .NET Framework and ASP.NET 4 have been updated to include most of the boilerplate configuration information that was found in the application Web.config files in ASP.NET 3.5. Because of the complexity of...