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Mar 1, 2010
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I'm working on a little app which needs to recieve information from

a script on a web server. I tried to have the app pole a php

web page for a command every half of a second. This worked but, the

app is streaming video and every time the app needs to pole the webpage

the video stutter stops. I tried setting the pole timer to 5 seconds and still

every 5 seconds the video stutters. I thought that maybe sockets would be

the answer, so I looked for examples of socket servers and php socket

clients. I tried implementing a solution but the php cannot seem to connect to

the server. I googled around and saw that maybe php cannot

communicate with a application.

Does anybody have any experience with this type of situation? I am not home

at the moment but as soon as I get to my machine I will post the code I am


I guess my question is if anybody knows if this can be done, or if there is a

way to implement the web page pole without the little hangup, maybe using


background worker, although I am not sure how the background workers,


Thanks, for reading!
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