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    Background update

    i'm working on some sort of inventory program. It's very simple but i'm having some problems. It actually has 3 parts. 1.service that will be installed on all workstations that is set to run every few hours. This service starts an exe stored on the workstation. 2.This exe checks if there are...
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    Question listview datas to database using background worker

    im trying to make a query that insert all listview datas into database with background worker here the problem For Each SAIitem As ListViewItem In ListViewRIS_ITEMS.Items cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("INSERT INTO SAI_ITEMS(SAI_NO, STOCK_NO, STOCK_CATEGORY...
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    Question How to associate two windows forms?

    In my VS-2008 (VB.Net) application, I am using a background worker to make my main form more responsive. In case of any error (in DoWork event) I m displaying the error on another form. In this case main form can’t be a parent of error form so if main form is clicked, error form go in the...
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    Question Populate TreeView in Background worker

    In vb2005, I have to load a treeview control while loading the form so make the form loading more effective therefore I use Background worker to populate treeview. I tried treeview to pass by ref and faced the error “Cross thread operation not valid: Control” accessed from a thread other than...
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    PHP send Socket to App

    Hello, I'm working on a little app which needs to recieve information from a script on a web server. I tried to have the app pole a php web page for a command every half of a second. This worked but, the app is streaming video and every time the app needs to pole the webpage the...