1. T

    Attempted to create well-known object of type 'IFTObj.InterfaceFTObj'. Well-known obj

    I have the following Projects : IFTObj : Interface FTObj : Remote object hosted in EXE. This objects inherits MarshalByRefObject and implements the IFTObj interface. In this Object I have two classes 'clsFTObj' and 'clsSQLDBWrapper'. Class 'clsFTObj' inherits MarshalByRefObject. Class...
  2. N

    Question .Net Remoting 2.0 Accessing winform control value in a remote call

    Hi All, I have a winform app in VS - 2008, It is client server based application using .net remoting 2.0. On My server I have a Method which would be called from client. Now in this method, I want to update value of Datagrid in one of my winform. Here I am getting an error: "An error...
  3. H

    PHP send Socket to App

    Hello, I'm working on a little app which needs to recieve information from a script on a web server. I tried to have the app pole a php web page for a command every half of a second. This worked but, the app is streaming video and every time the app needs to pole the webpage the...
  4. xtheonex

    Tcp client server

    Ok, so im new to VB and i cant make sense of any tutorials or sample code. Im a PHP programmer normally, so i understand the basics of loops and conditionals and stuff like that. But im trying to basically create 2 apps. First app is the server app that i want to be a form and it simply...
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    All About .NET/ Generics, Remoting, Reflection, Web & Windows Services etc

    Hi Everybody!! Here U can Share all queries, provide info for all .Net Concepts. I have provided my personal link. Interested people can post their content to me... Ragards Muthukumar N