1. K

    Question relay data to and from Asp.Net Web Server?

    I have knowledge in but not in I have a udp client in thaat sends messages from computer to computer on the same IP (in school) but i want to send and retrieve it from a web server. I want to know if this is possible to do and if anybody has any tips or tuts. Or if...
  2. J

    Question MySQL and PHP in VB.NET?

    Hello everyone! :eagerness: My question is about using MySQL and PHP in VB.NET. Basically, I've used MySQL in my VB.NET code but I need to use PHP too. I'm creating a forum so I want to select all the topics from my database [which I know how to do that]. The thing that I don't know is how to...
  3. V

    Do you need professionals?

    We are anexperienced C#/.NET/PHP team, looking for projects. Wewould be glad to work on your project and guarantee communication and qualityof project in requested terms. Ifyou need a reliable partner for your software development- we are what youneed. Pleasedo contact us:
  4. daveaton

    Question What is the Best Method for 2 way data transfer?

    I am looking for the best method of sharing database info between an desktop app and a server? I am wanting to start a membership website where people can signup from my PHP/Mysql server and clients download an App. When the app is loaded it asks for a username and...
  5. J

    VB. NET developer!

    We are looking for a talented .NET developer (long term contract) to do maintenance work for a legacy system. Must be proficient in in, PHP, Javascript and jquery. We are located in Pasadena, CA. Please send your resume, code samples and rate. This is on-site work only. This position...
  6. H

    PHP send Socket to App

    Hello, I'm working on a little app which needs to recieve information from a script on a web server. I tried to have the app pole a php web page for a command every half of a second. This worked but, the app is streaming video and every time the app needs to pole the webpage the...