How to detect installed games on a system ?


Nov 8, 2009
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I am writing a application where i need to know which games are installed on a system.

I have 3 ways by which i think i can detect the games

1: Scan specific parts of registry and look for key names that match with a List of Publishers. The list is manually maintained.

2: Scan the hard disk for and do same as in step 1

3: run the program in background and check for programs in memory that use a large portion of memory(which games always do) and if they use Direct X ( Which all games do except for some) then its a game.

Now i have been thinking about it and first and second method seems to be in need of a updated database ie list of publishers to make out if a particular program is game.

Is there any other more efficient way to do it. If there is please let me know.


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Nov 23, 2009
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I know that Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 has a newly designed "Games" feature folder(Which lists all your installed games as well as shows a downloaded picture of the box and the ESRB rating), maybe if you found the XML file you could implement it into your program for your own use.
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