1. T

    Question How to screen detection?

    Hello! I am making a program and I need to know how to detect if certain image on screen. I have saved some picture and if it see's it on screen i want to do something like make msgbox.
  2. D

    How to detect installed games on a system ?

    I am writing a application where i need to know which games are installed on a system. I have 3 ways by which i think i can detect the games 1: Scan specific parts of registry and look for key names that match with a List of Publishers. The list is manually maintained. 2: Scan the hard disk...
  3. lake54

    Question MessageBox - How to get the result of a Yes/No?

    Hi all, I'm good with PCs in general, so I'm not a total noob, but I've only just started learning Visual Basic .NET for A Levels. Part of this week's 'homework' was to write a particular program that does such and such - won't bore you with the details, but please don't think I'm "one of...
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