Question Retaining Application and User Settings with ClickOnce Upgrades


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Mar 4, 2015
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This is regarding using ClickOnce to manage installation and retaining settings. (This will be my first time using ClickOnce.)

The project is test SW deployed to manufacturing sites on PCs owned by my company of which I am admin. The test SW will run identical processes on all stations at all sites. The operators will not alter any settings, application or user; they must be as I need them set. These settings will very rarely be changed.

There are basically three types of settings,
1. Common to all stations at all locations (e.g., expected HW version)
2. Common to all stations and unique to each location (e.g., site location identifier)
3. Unique to each station and unique to each location (e.g., IP address setting)

Here is a simple graphic of the deployment:
........Site X......................Site Y
Sta A .. Sta B .. Sta C ... Sta D .. Sta E .. Sta F
-User1 . -User1 . -User1 .. -User4 . -User4 . -User4
-User2 . -User2 . -User2 .. -User5 . -User5 . -User5
-User3 . -User3 . -User3 .. -User6 . -User6 . -User6

These are what I would like to figure out:

1. How to retain the settings on each station for each user when updating the SW.

2. The settings will be the same for all users on a given station. I won’t know the passwords of users (though I could get them using VB). User’s will be added and removed over time. Should all settings be Application settings to avoid having to manage each user’s User config file on each station?

3. Is a persistent “master” config file that updates or overwrites the app config file a good idea? How best to manage the master and Application files when settings are added or removed on a new deployment?

4. I would appreciate any other advice regarding this.
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