1. T

    Question Retaining Application and User Settings with ClickOnce Upgrades

    Hi, This is regarding using ClickOnce to manage installation and retaining settings. (This will be my first time using ClickOnce.) Background: The project is test SW deployed to manufacturing sites on PCs owned by my company of which I am admin. The test SW will run identical processes on all...
  2. M

    Question How can I create effective Installer?

    I create installer from Installer & Deployment in VS2010 for my project. After I brought its to install in some XP SP3 Desktop. It can install , but can not launch my application. How can I create effective Installer that has all necessary file (maybe dll)? Best Regards.
  3. A

    Question Publish Access database based application using VB2010

    i want to publish access database based application using visual basic.. the thing is i do not want my database to be appeared in the installation folder so that user/client wont have access to it... It is for window application.. TQ
  4. M

    Published updates no longer downloading - problem with signing?

    Hi All, I'm completely lost with signing and publishing, I feel like giving up. :( My hard drive crashed recently and I had to reinstall everything. Thankfully I'd backed up my work but something's gone wrong with the project signing/certificates - I had to create a new certificate. Also...
  5. T

    Question How can you differentiate two app versions to make two unique deployments?

    I would like to have a backup version of an application installation available. My plan was to do a click-once deployment of backup version which hopefully would have it's own unique entry in the startup menu, alongside the current application. The problem is everytime I publish the backup...
  6. T

    Question Deploying console application - how to run exe from any folder?

    I developed a small console application called foo.exe, and I've created a Windows Installer project in Visual Studio Pro 2010 (trial version for now). The installer then places the foo executable in its target location (Program Files), and I can run the program successfully from its Program...
  7. Grafix

    Question How to Deploy application?

    Hi guys, I Googled my problem but couldn't get exactly what i want. My problem's here: I finished developing my VB.NET project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 I use MySQL Server 5.0 for the database and MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.9 to communicate. I also have crystal reports in the project. I...
  8. P

    Question deploy database - where is my path?

    guys, i am a newbie at i am using 2008, now i am having a big probLem about my Win-base appLication, i am trying to pubLish my project / make it an ".exe = executable" file, it is connected to an ACCESS DATABASE. The problem is that, after getting my application to a ".exe" form...
  9. D

    What can i do to prevent anyone from using my DLLs ?

    Scenario: You developing a application named "DemoSoft" which is going to be a shareware or Premium, you use different DLL's in this project and some DLL's are owned by you, they are very useful and valuable, you are selling this software and are charging the customer for what the software does...
  10. Myoldmopar

    Question Deployment: Dependency updates

    Forum: I have a VB.Net windows form application using .Net 3.5 and VS2008. The solution consists of a single application exe, plus several dependent dll projects, and a deployment project to wrap all these together for distribution. As I am incrementing versions of all the projects, I am...
  11. J

    Question create install file without the need for user to install SQL server

    I have a project that i have created in Visual Studio express and SQL server express. i want to create an install file so that i can send to others to install. Currently it is requiring the user to install SQL server Express and 3.5 .net framework. what steps can i take to stop the user having...
  12. R

    Deploy Files to custom folder question

    I've never used MSI deployment and am having a hard time using Setup and Deployment project. I have added a project to solution and specified the simple stuff: primary output, etc... But I need to 1) move my Windowsform.exe to c:\myapps\myproject 2) Move a custom config file( mycustom.config)...
  13. A

    Question Deployment problem: Interop Usr ctl is not registerable

    I developed by VB2008, Vista, a running Introp2Control running fine in a VB6(sp6) project. I prepared/included a Setup/.msi project. After deploying it on a XP-sr03 machine, I am unable to register the control in the VB6 project, receiving "\InteropControlOC_002.tlb' was not registerable as an...
  14. kkemerait

    Configuration best practice?

    I will be deploying a windows forms based application from a network share which needs to have several things setup before being able to function ... namely Active Directory information, database location and the administrative group name (AD). What is the best way to do this, so that each...
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