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    Question Retaining Application and User Settings with ClickOnce Upgrades

    Hi, This is regarding using ClickOnce to manage installation and retaining settings. (This will be my first time using ClickOnce.) Background: The project is test SW deployed to manufacturing sites on PCs owned by my company of which I am admin. The test SW will run identical processes on all...
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    Question Detecting whether anyone is logged in

    I am currently working on a Web Application that uses ASP.NET Membership. There are multiple places that I need to determine whether a user is logged in (Pages, Master Pages, UserControls, classes that I write, etc.). I have tried the following: IsNothing(Membership.GetUser())...
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    Question Get user input into array

    In my program, I need to have the user input a list of numbers separated by commas. How would I go about storing those numbers? Would I put them into an array? If so, how? I'm REALLY new at this and I have been all over Google but I can't seem to get it. Please Help!
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    Question Process Output under other user

    please move to: VB.NET General Discussion Hello, is it possibe to receive a StandardErrorOutput of a startet process if you start it under an other user? I get an error message "invaild handle". Here is my Code: Public prog As New System.Diagnostics.Process() Public Sub...