1. seinkraft

    Question Config file for multiple projects?

    Hi, i'm developing a solution who contains multiple projects in it, 3 executables and 4 dlls. There is any way to create a general config file for all projects? (not one for each one)
  2. kkemerait

    Configuration best practice?

    I will be deploying a windows forms based application from a network share which needs to have several things setup before being able to function ... namely Active Directory information, database location and the administrative group name (AD). What is the best way to do this, so that each...
  3. GeekDrop

    Question .config, add it to installation?

    I use the My.Settings object in a few places in my app, and am close to releasing the program to the public. When I look in the Release folder there is the exename.exe.config file, am I supposed to add this file to my installer and install it in the same folder as the .exe? Thanks
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