1. T

    Question Retaining Application and User Settings with ClickOnce Upgrades

    Hi, This is regarding using ClickOnce to manage installation and retaining settings. (This will be my first time using ClickOnce.) Background: The project is test SW deployed to manufacturing sites on PCs owned by my company of which I am admin. The test SW will run identical processes on all...
  2. D

    Question How to create a Upgrade Project

    I have a question for many years.. Suppose if I Deployed a project using Setup Project. After some time, I added some features or modify it on customer demand. 1) How do I make a upgrade project so that the user runs the setup and the new changes are upgraded on the client system. 2) How do...
  3. Myoldmopar

    Question Deployment: Dependency updates

    Forum: I have a VB.Net windows form application using .Net 3.5 and VS2008. The solution consists of a single application exe, plus several dependent dll projects, and a deployment project to wrap all these together for distribution. As I am incrementing versions of all the projects, I am...