MySQL on-line not connecting to one user

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May 14, 2008
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I have a VB.Net application which runs on the local machine and connects to an on-line MySQL database. I have successfully used the connection string to access the on-line MySQL database on my development machine since May 2016, and other customers in the UK and Italy have successfully connected for several months on their computers. However, a new user has tried to connect and cannot, even though they use the same connection string as all the others. What reasons are there for this behaviour, has anyone had a similar experience? This user runs Windows 10 (along with some of the other users).

Here is a snippet from the fail point. Please assume everything works up to this point on the rogue computer, and works past this point on all other users machines.

        Dim objConnFST As MySqlConnection


            mstrSQLConnectionString = "server=1230.456.789.000;Port=3306;uid=customer99;pwd=hello;database=clientdatabase"

            objConnFST = New MySqlConnection(mstrSQLConnectionString)

            objConnFST.Open()        '<<<<<<<<<<fails here.

            mstrSQL = "SELECT * FROM ExpiryDate "
            mstrSQL = mstrSQL & "WHERE RecNo = 1"
            mstrSQL = AddFSTCustomerIDAndEncryptStringData(mstrSQL)

            Dim cmd As New MySqlCommand(mstrSQL, objConnFST)

            Dim dr As MySqlDataReader
Thanks for you help.
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