1. J Trahair

    MySQL on-line not connecting to one user

    I have a VB.Net application which runs on the local machine and connects to an on-line MySQL database. I have successfully used the connection string to access the on-line MySQL database on my development machine since May 2016, and other customers in the UK and Italy have successfully connected...
  2. J Trahair

    Connecting to on-line MySQL database via Wordpress

    Hi. I have a MySQL database on-line hosted by godaddy. I have a application which connects to it fine - but directly to the MySQL database which means only certain IP addresses can connect to it. I have a travel agent customer who wants to connect to it from various computers in Europe...
  3. M

    Editing & viewing an online SQL database.

    Hi, [Scroll down for the real question] I've been challenged by my college tutor to create a program that allows employees to "clock in" and "clock out" when they arrive and leave work. My general idea is that I could create a VB.Net application for staff to "log in" with. This would then...