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Apr 13, 2010
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I've been challenged by my college tutor to create a program that allows employees to "clock in" and "clock out" when they arrive and leave work.

My general idea is that I could create a VB.Net application for staff to "log in" with. This would then show them their own details and let them know if they're clocked in or not. It will have a number of options depending on who has logged in. (Store assistant, manager, CEO, etc.)

The information (about who has clocked in and when) has to be available to managers (and people higher up the tree) no matter where they are. Also, staff are often called in to cover for staff who are ill in another store. This means that the clock in system has to be universal across all stores, and all information has to be compiled together.

I'd like to do this with an online SQL database.

The database structure is fairly simple.
1 table storing staff members.
1 table storing shop/outlet details.
1 table storing hours worked.

The database should be stored on a server online, seeing as there are several shops up and down the country, needing to view or edit the same information.

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My real struggle so far, is finding a way to communicate with an SQL database online.
I'm not sure how to go about getting specific information to and from SQL databases online using VB.Net.
My other problem is finding a web host that allows remote connections to their SQL databases (for free, preferably, seeing as my student budget is already stretched).

Thank you VERY much for any time spent on this.


[Edit] I am not allowed to use another programming language. Nor am I allowed to make this a fully online sollution.
If I was able to simply make a website that allowed people to "clock in" and "clock out" I would.
My tutor says the whole aim is to prove that I am able to use VB.Net to accomplish the same sort of sollution.
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