1. S

    Choosing a Server-less Database for a Desktop Application

    I'm about to start coding a Windows Form application using Visual Studio 2019. The application will provide hobby collection management and a few other hobby related functions. Since it will be used mostly (if not entirely), by non-technically savvy adults without any IT infrastructure or...
  2. D

    Resolved Where do I start (3D image selection faulttracking program)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to VB.NET and come straight forward with 1 particular question. I have created a program within excel, which allows users to select particular joinings on images, which are labeled by a button. To explain a joiningtype this could be an for example an arcweld. Once a...
  3. SmokyRick

    Question Library or Database ?

    I am making a new game. It will have several different good guys and several different bad guys, along with many different areas to visit. I am calling them Heroes, Enemies, and Rooms. Since I have so many different things to refer to I thought it would be good to use a group of class...
  4. C

    Question Unable to delete row from database

    I have a windows form which connects to multiple database tables. On my form, I have a combobox. I want to be able to hit the delete button and remove the row from the access database which corresponds with the selected combobox value. I've tried many variations of this in my code but am...
  5. C

    Available Small C# SQLite Project that needs to modified and fixed

    Hi, I have a small SQLite Database that is buggy and needs to be fixed and some functions added. It would also be great if someone could translate this project into This is NOT a Corporation or Established Business I am an individual person that is willing to pay a fair amount for a...
  6. S

    Question How Best to organise different data?

    Hi all, I am about to create an application to playback recorded data. The data is held in zip files, each with a text file for serial data (wind speed and direction, position etc), there will be multiple PNG files for screen captures and also up to 10 WAV files for sound recording. I have...
  7. M

    Question how to improve my code for loading more faster in datagrid view

    Dim db = New database Dim dt As New DataTable With db .sqlStr = "Select itemprod_id as ProductID, item_name as BrandName, item_description as ItemDescreption, company_id as Company, quantity_stock as Stock, stock_alertcntr as alert, wprice as CompanyPrice, price as RetailPrice...
  8. J

    Question Simple database help in getting started

    Hello everyone, First time poster here! I need a little help and direction with how to go about writing a program using a database. Apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong section. Aims: 1) To be able to make a form that takes about 8 pieces of information and stores it on a central...
  9. N

    OleDbException Unhandled (No value given for one or more required parameters.)

    Hello ! I am making a project on Railway reservation system in which I want the user should have access to his booking history . In my project , many people can have accounts . A user can also view his booking history . So , for that a user enters his phone number and that number will be used...
  10. G

    Question how to set selected grid row as default row for storing data from other forms

    Hi there, Im a beginner in I have a issue that i can't resolve even after extensive search on the internet. In programming a mysql driven application witch gathers information from several other forms i have created. Im able to save the data to the mysql database, but when opening a new...
  11. S

    Learn How to Develop ERP (Source Code)

    Learn How to develop ERP software using VB.Net 2008 and SQL Server 2005/2008. This project is particularly useful for those who are developing an ERP software for .Net frame-work using As the topic of ERP itself is very vast, a basic portion is covered. The business logic?s used are by...
  12. S

    Question How to detect control characters in database fields

    What is the best way to detect and remove control characters (TAB,CR,LF) from fields in a database table?
  13. S

    How to open *.btr file?

    Hello, i would like to know, how to open *.btr database in I know which data are contained in this database, but i don't know how to get it. Thanks for any advice Selector
  14. S

    Document Database

    Hi folks I am a total noob to this and am hoping I wont be too much of an annoyance! I'm looking to write a program in either VB.Net or C# that is basically a document library. The idea is to have a general location of about 300 documents which could relate to one or a handful of products we...
  15. T

    Question Login validation error

    I need help with this bit of coding. Everytime it loads, it loads perfects and when you enter the correct credentials it works perfect. However when you enter the wrong credentials, the login window pops back up again, but when you enter the right credentials it displays the correct message box...
  16. Y

    Question Calculating the score at the end of a test and then saving it into Access.

    Hi, I've got a problem with my spelling program where I'm not able to display the correct score at the end of the test. Also, after somebody's help with that, I'd greatly appreciate help from someone to show me how to then save that score into access. Thanks. Btw, the 'Test' form is the form...
  17. P

    Help me to deploy application with database

    I had a application with database connection. I am using Microsoft visual studio 2010 for developing windows application and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for database access. My question is how to deploy the application and how to install it in other computers. I've tried a step but when...
  18. B

    Get Data from Database

    HI guys. I'm having a problem in my application for our thesis. The problem is that is to get the data from database and display it into a label. Can anyone give me a code for that. Thank you...
  19. nineclicks

    How to best manage and store a simple database

    I'd like to have a database of filesnames. Basically I want to be able to add a filename to the database, add some options to it and a list of tags. Then be able to either locate a filename and get it's options (such as rotation or custom thumbnail file) and tags. OR be able to search for tags...
  20. venomphil

    Linking Combo Boxes with text boxes independently

    Hi VB.Net Forums, I have created a form that references a access database and this works great. Currently I have a list of products in a combo box and when the user selects the product I want the items price to be displayed in a text box My problem is when the user selects a different option...