Question How Best to organise different data?


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Jun 6, 2013
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Hi all,

I am about to create an application to playback recorded data.

The data is held in zip files, each with a text file for serial data (wind speed and direction, position etc), there will be multiple PNG files for screen captures and also up to 10 WAV files for sound recording.

I have to create the application to unzip the requested time period to playback, and then store the data in some fashion, to allow playback, jump forwards and backwards, speed up and slow down, also an ability to recover peiords of the text data and add to a graph (chart) for comparison.

What are peoples thoughts on this, i started looking at having the data in tables (i completed a course many years ago on relational databases but dont remember too much about it), could the sound files an images be added to these??

if anyone has any ideas on how i should proceed the input would be very welcome.



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