1. J

    Question Connecting individual programs to MySQL

    Hello all! To give a bit of background, I'm working on a program that allows customers (each with their own client) to scan a barcode and it uploads to a MySQL database. Now, my questions: What is the process for either making each client program that I install on their computer to be ID'd as...
  2. J Trahair

    MySQL on-line not connecting to one user

    I have a VB.Net application which runs on the local machine and connects to an on-line MySQL database. I have successfully used the connection string to access the on-line MySQL database on my development machine since May 2016, and other customers in the UK and Italy have successfully connected...
  3. K

    Question Requirements for a Web Application Development Project

    Please accept my humble apologies if this isn't the right place for this question. Would you be so kind as to advise me as to what components I would need in order to develop a web based MySql database driven application using Visual Studio 2015. I'm used to developing non-web based applications...
  4. J Trahair

    Connecting to on-line MySQL database via Wordpress

    Hi. I have a MySQL database on-line hosted by godaddy. I have a application which connects to it fine - but directly to the MySQL database which means only certain IP addresses can connect to it. I have a travel agent customer who wants to connect to it from various computers in Europe...
  5. dgulliver

    Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts

    Good Evening, I have searched this issue all day. The mySQL Database is hosted at a hosting company. The error does not happen on our Web application which is hosted on a windows server at the same company. However I have created a Windows Form Application and intermittently I get this error...
  6. G

    Question Update With WHERE Querie problem

    Im having a question regarding the possibility to update a row in mysql database WHERE the row to update = the row that holds a "projectname" in a label that i retrieve from another table . What im trying here is to use the "projectname" as a sort of foreign key to all my other tables in the...
  7. G

    Question how to set selected grid row as default row for storing data from other forms

    Hi there, Im a beginner in I have a issue that i can't resolve even after extensive search on the internet. In programming a mysql driven application witch gathers information from several other forms i have created. Im able to save the data to the mysql database, but when opening a new...
  8. sdglhm

    Question Fingerprint identity validation program

    Hi, I'm doing a higher national diploma in ICBT kandy. They have given our group an assignment on Fingerprint identification validation program. Program scopes are as follows, To be able to store finger print data in a mySQL database To retrieve data from the database when a fingerprint...
  9. R

    Question query for getting result ?

    Can anyone help me on this please?? I am trying to make a stock exchange system based on mysql database using vb... So i am stuck on : my sql table : inProduct, OutProduct and Stock... inProduct cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date OutProcust cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date...
  10. M

    Question I get System.Byte[] when SELECT DES_DECRYPT()

    Hello, i'm trying to decrypt a previously encrypted password from my database on visual studio 2012 ( but when i do the comparaison between my Textbox(Named TXT_Password) and the decrypted password i'm getting a value named System.Byte[] on the side of the Query, here's the code...
  11. margzxero

    Question Listview/Query Export to Excel

    how to export listiview/quert to excel with landspace format?
  12. J

    Question MySQL and PHP in VB.NET?

    Hello everyone! :eagerness: My question is about using MySQL and PHP in VB.NET. Basically, I've used MySQL in my VB.NET code but I need to use PHP too. I'm creating a forum so I want to select all the topics from my database [which I know how to do that]. The thing that I don't know is how to...
  13. M

    selected row into array

    Hello guys, i have a code that would delete a row from datagridview and mysql. Now what i wanted to do is to delete multiple row instead of one. possible? command.CommandText = "delete from " & cmbTable.Text & " where ID = " & Val(DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Cells(0).Value.ToString)...
  14. S

    Question MYSQL deployment

    I used a mysql database to my dictionary program. how can i deploy it with my application. please help me............
  15. cresignsys

    How to select ,update,delete?

    Hpw to select ,update,delete mysql with
  16. Si24

    Question Retrieving and displaying images on a website

    I'v been having a bit of issues being able to retrieve my images that have been saved to a mysql database. I have managed to save them but I need to know how to display them as soon as it was saved to the database so that the user knows when it was saved. Here is my code so far : This...
  17. kismetgerald

    Question My Report Isn't Displaying Any Records from DB - What am I doing wrong?

    Good-day All, After watching numerous online tutorials and reading the documentation, I decided to get hands on with the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio runtime. It is my understanding that the SAP Crystal Reports runtime doesn't natively support connections to a MySQL DB so I believe I've...
  18. D

    Question partition table in mysql

    hey everyone :) i have a table with 35millions row (id , trm , date_reception) , i'm having problems when i try to search for data between too dates it takes more than 4 minutes to execute the query , i read that you could solve this problem using partition but they were talking about creating...
  19. T

    Question Select into outfile Query... how to avoid writing BOMs

    Hello... below is my code: Try 'create export directory if needed If (Not System.IO.Directory.Exists(Trim(TextBox64.Text))) Then System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(Trim(TextBox64.Text)) End If Catch es As Exception End Try...
  20. B

    update, insert, delete

    how to update, insert and delete data in mysql with different tables using datagridview,,, help pls thanks :D