Option to copy data from remote mySQL through the office firewall


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Aug 25, 2013
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I'm not sure what part of the forum to post this as its really help on a desktop app getting data from a mySQL database on a remote webserver using vb.net

I am able to connect to an external mySQL database and return the result of a query and store in a win form datagridview.

But from my office the firewall wont let me connect also mysql is suppose to use port 3306 but I've been advised not to open port 3306 in case of attack!

I tried using SSH to tunnel (putty) but without success.

Another option is to develop a SSL wepbage that show the data I need and a javascript script to copy into clipboard and a vb.net app to paste into my datagridview!

I am interested in other ideas about what else could work and any problems with above.

With SSL the data is encrypted right up to the user screen?

Thanking you.