Question Looking in outlook mail store!!


Jan 9, 2010
Programming Experience
Hello All :)

I have been looking in to this on and off for about two weekes now and I have come to a head!!

I have designed a small local windows application that will store old emails and their attachments to a database.
You can put in a number to only look at thing over say 60 days old?

so today - 60 days!!

This is all ran on the local outlook object mailbox.

This is ok for those users that like to manage their own mailbox. However for those that dont and I am constantly moaning i want to be able to manage it.


My main form has a combobox this is populated by a routine to collected all the Mail store mailboxes. I have the routine that populates a combobox but does anyone know how to collect all the Mailbox names?

Once I have this connection I intend to use the same routine to check the message date and the read the message, check its attachments and excute them to a Database.

I just need some help with the connection to the mailstore?

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance

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