1. fisherRon

    Question Advice on what type of app to build for exchanging xml data between servers

    I have a project that I need to build that gathers data from a local database, packages it into an xml file (as specified by receiving server) and send it to another server via an API they provide. I then need to be able to receive data back from that remote server and display it to the user...
  2. A

    Question Looking in outlook mail store!!

    Hello All :) I have been looking in to this on and off for about two weekes now and I have come to a head!! I have designed a small local windows application that will store old emails and their attachments to a database. You can put in a number to only look at thing over say 60 days old? so...
  3. S

    Question Equivalent of "obj.PutEx ADS"

    Hello My question concerns a crossover of VBSCRIPT to DotNet, but here goes I have a project in VB.NET concerning users in AD. Basically they are disabled but need to be enabled again. This means clearing the AUTHORIG property. If I was doing it in VBSCRIPT i would simply use obj.PutEx...
  4. ryan.elliott

    Exchange Calendar in Web Page

    I am currently working on a scheduling web application for a few departments where I work. Currently I have the web app being able to send a .vcs file to an exchange calendar to schedule the appointment. I am needing to be able to pull the calendar into the web page to be displayed on the same...