1. M

    Question Find email address in HTML file, convert to PDF and attach to email

    Hi everybody this is my first post here I got a project where I need to read an HTML file and search for an email address (the name of the email address is random). But at the same time it needs to exclude a fixed specific e-mail address that is always in the HTML file. When the address is...
  2. B

    right-click file context menu

    I need to be able to right-click on a file then with my vb code - Copy that file to another folder Catch the filename & put it's details in a database. The problems I have are - If I create a Task bar context menu, the file loses it's focus when I right-click the context menu... If I create...
  3. A

    Question Getting all new emails (ItemAdd)

    Hello, i'd like to monitor a public OL2010 folder and put the incoming item into a dictionary. Everything ist fine with the following code, as far as only one email arrives at a time: *************SNIP************* Public Sub olInboxItems_ItemAdd(ByVal Item As Object) Handles...
  4. S

    Need Partner In Coding

    hey everybody. im making an application for a game to match up clans for fair battle (Clan Battle MatchMaker) and ive almost completed the whole gui interface and most of the coding. BUT im having a little bit of troubles with getting the email form to email me the information that i want. and i...
  5. A

    Question Marketing Emial System

    Hello All I built as email marketing system a while ago and I have been asked to add a feature that should have been there from the start really. OK i have a structure that holds a list of IDs, Email address and Departments when the end user goes and presses the email button the for each...
  6. J

    Question When Trying To Open My Email Program On Other Computers, It Wont Open

    I got my last problem to work but now i have a new one. My program works great on my computer(where i made it) but every other computer i try to open it on it gives an error message. the program doesnt even come up just the error msg. Ive tried it on 2 computers that both have .net with no luck...
  7. S

    Tip SMTP Email Client Code example for GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL.

    Hey! Just wanted to share my SMTP email client for gmail, hotmail, aol and yahoo mail. I have commented the code so this is great for learning purposes. Some features i have added to the application: * Send emails thru GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. * Very basic validation for textboxes and...
  8. D

    FYI AES 256 Encryption and Password Protect files for distribution via email

    Hi all, i have created a application which can be used as a BO scheduler substitute for sending refreshed report copies. These copies are AES 256 encrypted and password protected. Please refer attached document for description, setup and source code :cool: Thanks
  9. A

    Question Looking in outlook mail store!!

    Hello All :) I have been looking in to this on and off for about two weekes now and I have come to a head!! I have designed a small local windows application that will store old emails and their attachments to a database. You can put in a number to only look at thing over say 60 days old? so...
  10. D

    Question Send different, personalized Outlook emails for records in table based on conditions

    Before I explain my questions I would like to state a few things. I have zero programming background. I have learned how to work with SQL and VB.Net only by reading forums such as this one and articles. I have only been working with SQL and VB.Net for less than a month. I preface my question so...
  11. stianxxs

    Question Getting Command not implemented. The server response was: 5.5.1 Unrecognized command.

    I get this error Command not implemented. The server response was: 5.5.1 Unrecognized command. when tryin to send a mail using SMTP (GMAIL) in my mail client. It's uses my.settings strings for i.e password and mail etc. Thanks in advance
  12. DanHamilton

    Problem sending attachment to MMS

    I have a simple form that sends email with attachment (small gif, about 5k) through to a cellphone MMS address ( If I log in to Gmail and send the message and attachment manually, it comes through fine. But if I send the message and attachment from my...
  13. T

    SendObject ?

    In an Access 2007 application, I can do the following command, which will automatically compose a new email in my Lotus Notes application (which is running at the time). The Lotus Notes new memo window will be displayed and I can add contacts, attach files and send the mail. DoCmd.SendObject...
  14. L

    Open Mail[Hotmail] w/Webbrowser Control

    Yes, I'm making a program that signs into Hotmail and auto reads all the messages. I just can't figure out how to invoke, click to open the first message. I am using the Webbrowser Control which I know is so flexible if you know what your doing. I do see that the whole inbox is in a table so i...
  15. K

    Question Complex error sending HTML email by system.web.mail

    I am getting following error while trying to send HTML email trough my code(I am using system.web.mail). I have mailenable enterprise edition installed on my server. I have window application which can successfully send HTML emails for most of the emails. But for some emails only...