Is Visual Studio with SQL server 2008 the right tools for this development project ?


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Apr 26, 2010
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I am a developer and I am looking for some advise on which technology to use to utilise on a development that I am about to start ??.

I AM THINKING ABOUT USING MS Visual Studio with Silverlight 4, but I don't know whether it will be the right tool for what I need to develop see attached VERY rough specs. AT best the database will contain the following 7 tables(ish).


I am currently about to start a large 3 to 4 month development and need help in deciding what web development software to adopt and use.

I need to utilise SQL server 2008 as I have database application to build. The type of software I need to build is a Company Performance monitoring system, so I want to have a database and front end to record performance objectives, and highlight deficiencies and create 15 to 20 reports/charts (ONLINE web based).

So far I have seen MS Siliverlight and am very impressed as I can see how I will pick it up very easy owing to the similar VBA style coding. Can you recommend any other language/tool ?

A brief background is that I am an IT consultant and business Analyst and have been for 15 years. I have predominately coding in all those years. I know PHP (not well) but do not like it.

I am very fluent in VBA and love it very much. I have a several years in developing Excel VBA applications for places like Rolls Royce etc. See CV for further details if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help - if possible please can you phone me (PM) if not I am more than happy to ring you regardless of country as long as I have a number without the likes of 1-800 etc as I am not sure of the dialling codes from UK.

In case you don't get the attachments you can see :

Your opinion would be appreciated.

Kuldip Mond
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