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  1. S

    How to save hindi data from textbox to SQL server?

    Hello Friends, This is regarding an issue in vb.net application. In a textbox, we have set the font of a textbox as Kruti Dev 010. While typing the text is shown in hindi. But when we convert it into string say, Dim s As String = txthindiname.Text This string shows the data in english, and...
  2. C

    Question Create Database, Grant Select

    I have a problem. I need to create a database monthly using a program. The database is States_XX where XX is the number for next month. Then I need to GRANT Select to that database. I am connected to the SQL Server. Creating the database was easy. Applying the GRANT SELECT is not. Here is the...
  3. M

    Related Stored Procedures

    Can I write two (or three) stored procedures, with the second sp using a result from the first as a parameter? Thanks for any help and/or code! MarceeMarc
  4. tonifirnandes

    Question database application with datagridview and binding navigator

    Hello ALL the best programmer, before go to my question today, let me introduce my self : my name is toni firnandes from batam indonesia. Nice to get you all in this forum and hopely you would like to help me solve my problem. I have problem to make application database using sql server...
  5. cwnonthehill

    Question Filter DataGridView by string in format of MMddyyyy

    ok, guys, I have a SQL database with a column called "Date" but with a format of "nchar(8)" so examples of field data are... 12112012 01012013 02022013 etc... In VB i have a DGV that is databound to this sql table. So, my second column in the DGV is the same as what i have explained above...
  6. G

    Question keep database synchronized when I have multiple clients ?

    I'm a beginner in databases, and I'm developing a simple application. I'm using SQL Server in my shared server to hold all the database. Database is accessed by client app using an internet connection. My client application is for Windows Forms developed in VB.NET using ADO.NET. I have...
  7. jlcruzAME

    Unable to Open Connection in VB Code But Rest of Site Connects

    So in this site we're building, I have a connection String in the web.config to connect to our SQL Server, and it works, as I can create users and login with them. However, I have one page that needs to grab a value from a tasble based on their username. Here is the code that runs: Dim dbCrew...
  8. H

    I have Inventory prject but don't know how to start

    Hi friends. I have to build a inventory database but don't know how to start and where to go. I need a respected teacher who guide me. Please reply me if you have experience and wanting to guide me. Thanks in advance.
  9. S

    Available Looking for .NET practitioners 3.5 – 5 yrs experience interested in BFSI doman

    Send your resume to recruitment@corpcampus.net Miles Software is a leading Software Product Company offering innovative and value-driven solutions to the Financial Services industry. The company has strong presence in capital markets, banks, broking, insurance and mutual fund segments. Miles...
  10. D

    Question database choice

    Hey everyone :) im working on a project using vb.net 2010 , i receive lot of data and i have to stock it in a table with 4 columns , in 3 days i receive 300.000 rows of data wich database should i use (access , sql server .....) ?? :)
  11. G

    Question Uploading CSV to Sql Server Table

    Im new to this and Im creating a asp.net website that will allow you to upload a csv file with the following names and data types to a table called product_backlog which is on sql server: UserStoryID int UserStoryPriority int UserStory varchar(MAX) UserStoryEstimate varchar(50) ProjectName...
  12. M

    how to retrieve data from a session table

    I developing an invoice page where user will select Product from a combo box (approx. 500 + item). I am loading product Name, Product ID, sales price in a session Table. After selecting the product, a textbox value will Sales Price. But it is taking so much time. On page load event...
  13. M

    Question unknown database connector error in crystal report XI

    developing web application using visual studio and sql server 2000 and crystal report XI Release 2 and window 2003 server. when trying to create new connection in crystal report getting error message. create new connection > OLE DB (ADO) > Unknown Database Connector Error
  14. ashahmy

    Question oledb connection string with sql server 2005 express

    Hi All, I was create a project with vb.net and sql server 2005. I was used oledb connection string for database connection. With my sql server database it work properly But i don't know how to connect mdf file using oledb connection string. But I was tried following way but it got error...
  15. O

    help with visual studio installation "the specified module could not be found"...

    help with visual studio installation "the specified module could not be found"... Hi Over the past month I have been trying to get Visual Studio going on my machine but to no avail. I have tried everything under the sun but nothing has seemed to work. From repeated attempts I think there may be...
  16. N

    Converting packed data and inserting to SQL Server

    I am transferring files from an IBM system 36 to a text file on my PC. Then my VB program reads the text file and inserts records into a SQL database. Everything is going well but unfortunately some of the fields are PACKED data. I am using an Nlynx twinax adapter card. It does not appear that...
  17. tgf-47

    Question How do I connect to a MySQL Database on a server?

    I have a database in MySQL server called MD Server: Local host User: root Pass: wccmd12 port 3306 How do I connect to this database in vb.net? Can you give me the code and/or what to do please
  18. mond007

    Is Visual Studio with SQL server 2008 the right tools for this development project ?

    Hi, I am a developer and I am looking for some advise on which technology to use to utilise on a development that I am about to start ??. I AM THINKING ABOUT USING MS Visual Studio with Silverlight 4, but I don't know whether it will be the right tool for what I need to develop see attached...
  19. L

    Adding images in SQL 2010

    Dear's I have deploy my code in VB.NET in order to select my imges and pass them into an SQL Server and later open them by a WEB page in a web site Well until the point before of writing the image all goes smoothly But when i'm trying to pass the picture to the remote SQL server then i receive...
  20. L

    How to Access Sqlserver In Network Computer

    Hi Friends! Am doing a project with database(sql server2005). Its running nicely in stand alone system. but the problem is, if i try to run this application from other computer it raises security exception that sql server does not allow remote conncections. I need to run this application in...