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  1. K

    extract text from pdf?

    Can someone help me extract specific text from pdf using and paste it to richtextbox. I'm sorry for this noob query, idk if its possible and if so. Mind posting a sample source code for me to start. Thank you! I wanted to extract all DR numbers from pdf, just the number only.
  2. D

    Question Remote Window mouse control and screen recording to image file

    Hi All. I am an old boy from Italy (sorry in advance for my bad english )that love programming. Now i am exercising to improve my skills in .net (actually, maybe in the future c# or other) . My main problem actually is API. There are lots of documents but i have not understood exactly...
  3. J. Scott Elblein

    Question Anyone have a "blank screen" issue in VS 2022?

    I'm very frequently having an issue where a Windows Form tab in [Design] mode shows nothing but all white: It seems to usually happen after running the debugger; after closing the debugee it's just a white screen... so far I've only been able to "fix" it by running "rebuild solution", or...
  4. mohammed.kan000

    This causes two bindings in the collection to bind to the same property

    when i start Project and click on search button every things ok but when click once again this error is show (This causes two bindings in the collection to bind to the same property this my code Imports System.Data.SQLite Public Class Form1 Private dbcomand As String = "" Private...
  5. D

    Question What does no value given for one or more required parameters mean? How to fix?

    Hi all, I'm making a program in which the user can update a table of their choice from a list box. When an item in the listbox is selected, it shows the MS-Access database in the DataGridView. When a user selects a cell in the DataGridView, it will show the ID, the field name and the actual data...
  6. P

    Question Detecting mouse button down & up events on the system menu of form.

    How do I detect left mouse button down and up events on the 'Close' option of the system menu that appears when the mouse is clicked on the top left corner of a form?
  7. P

    Question Is disposing a local brush variable necessary?

    MSDN recommends disposing any variable of type System.Drawing.Brush before its last reference is released. Otherwise, the resources it is using will not be freed until the garbage collector calls the Brush object's Finalize method. As we know, local variables are destroyed automatically when...
  8. P

    Question Displaying MdiChild ToolStrip into MdiParent during runtime.

    I have an MDI application containing an MdiParent form and few MdiChild forms. The MdiParent has a fixed MenuStrip, a fixed ToolStrip and a fixed StatusStrip. The MdiChild forms have one or more ToolStrips and a StatusStrip along with other controls in them. The ToolStrips and the StatusStrip of...
  9. D

    Question Nested Gridview displaying duplicate data

    I have a nested gridview that is displaying duplicate data for some reason. When I run the stored procedure, the data is correct. Could it have something to do with me binding the gridview in the rowdatabound event. Here's my code behind ProtectedSub grdTotal_RowDataBound(ByVal sender...
  10. M

    Question Searching in 3 tables ?

    Hello, I'm trying to develop an application in, for search informations in 3 tables (TBClient with 3 columns "Company", "Address" and "Fone", TBContact with 2 columns "Name" and "Email" and TBContract with 2 columns "ContractNumber" and "Date"). I'm using a combo box (for select the...
  11. T

    Question Best option For designing Accounting Software ???!!

    Hello everybody, I am analyzing programming tools to design accounting application that user could download the setup file from my website and install enjoy it !! 1. I need it have minimum requirement to run throw end user, database would be SQL 2008. 2.It must have small size package to...
  12. C

    HELP!!!! Visual Studio won't display Website Background-Image correctly (Adds margin)

    HELP!!! For my Advanced Web Design course, I decided to design a website. We HAVE TO USE Visual Studio for the project. I'm using Visual Studio 2010. It's going well, minus the fact that Visual Studio won't correctly display my background image! I created a 1600x1680 background image. I set the...
  13. U

    Is Visual Studio the correct IDE to use for this project?

    Hi All I have a project I need to do for work, and I would just like to know whether VB would be the right way to go? I need to create quite a simple program in which our equipment can be booked out to various clients, and then a popup reminder comes up if the equipment is not returned in...
  14. R

    Question SelectParameters in a GridView Control

    Hi All I have a very simple database which I am doing some testing on. It has 1 table (called Table1) and within this table is 1 column (Titled Col1). These holds about 5 VARCHAR values. I am trying to create a simple webpage interface for this table which will allow me to enter a word and then...
  15. eralper

    Beta of new IDE Visual Studio

    Hello all Visual Studio lovers :) If you have already downloaded and installed, do you want to share your ideas about new beta of programming IDE of Visual Studio 2012? I started to work on it on new OS Win8 for building apps
  16. T

    Visual Studio developers must share their work for everyone's benefit !

    Every one of us who develop games, applications , etc.. using Visual Studio, should share his work with others. Just like this guy is doing on his Visual Studio Applications blog here: He's not only showing his work, but also offering the code! his...
  17. M

    Visual Studio newbie questions

    Hi all, my need is to find appropriate forum thread for my questions: - where can I download service pack 2 for Visual Studio 2010 ? - how do I connect to MS SQL 2005 from Visual Studio ? - how do I connect to Oracle 11g from Visual Studio ? - how do I change from FrameWork Client to...
  18. P

    Question How to use an Items Collection Editor on a custom UserControl (.Net 4, Winforms)?

    I created a UserControl that contains a custom ToolStrip Control. While using the UserControl throughout an application, the ToolStrip control cannot be accessed directly, as logically it's embedded in the UserControl. So, to access the items of the ToolStrip I defined a readonly property in the...
  19. P

    Question Problem in ToolStripComboBoxItem arrow paint (VS.Net 2010, WinForms).

    I am rendering a toolstrip with a CustomRenderer that inherits from ToolStripProfessionalRenderer. The concept is that I want the color of the arrow of the toolstrip items to be white in all cases except selection. When it is selected the color should be black. In my code below all arrows are...
  20. P

    Question Problem in ToolStripProgressBar painting (VS.Net 2010, WinForms).

    Ensure ApplyVisualStyles is enabled in your system. Place a ToolStripProgressBar on a toolstrip, run your application and minimize the form. Now change the theme of your computer to Windows Classic and restore the form. See the interior of the ToolStripProgrssBar becomes black. It doesn't even...