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Apr 24, 2011
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The Link explains how to Download and Install the SAP Crystal Reports 2010 with VB .Net 2010 :

it solves the following error :

- Downloading the correct package
- you didn't see the Crystal Report Viewer or the Crystal Report Document in tool box

    • You will be sent to the pick up page where you need to choose which installation file suits you better, i took the Standard (288 MGB Version) for WinXpSp 2 or 3 [ X86 Proccessor 32 Bit ]

  • You will notice that your downloading starts. After finishing downloading, the installation proccess with begin.

  • Installation

        1. Make sure you close the visual studio 2010. Double-Click on the [ CRforVS_13_0_3_2.exe ] to launch Desfault extracter [ ISO or WinRar ] . After finishing it loads the setup screen.

        2. There is a [ Choose Language Screen ] then you will find yourself in the [ Calculating Space Required Screen ] then the [ Agreement Screen ], if you accept then click [ Next ].

        3. The [ Start Installation ] screen, click [ Next ] whenevr you are ready.

        4. Installation proccessing screen, just set back while installation copying new files.

        5. Congratulations, you're done with installation. Click [ Finish ]

  • Visual Basic 2010

  1. What should you do after finishing SAP Crystal Reports 2010 for Visual Basic .Net 2010 ?
    Open [ VB2010 ] New windows application or prefering existing application and display the [ Tool Box ], you will see the Crystal Report Viewer and the Crystal Report Document.
  2. In case you didn't see the Crystal Report Viewer or the Crystal Report Document, follow these steps.
    1. If you are starting a New Visual Basic Project or any .Net New Project, just save it to some location.
    2. Re-open your VB .net saved project , then follow the screen shots in its order:
1) Go to [ Project ] then choose [ Project Properties ] from drop down menu.​
2) Navigate to [ Compile ] Tab and click on [ Advanced Compile Options] .​
3) Go to [ Target FrameWork (all configurations). ] and change the current choise [ .Net Framework 4 Client Profile ] to
[ .Net Framework 4], then OK​
4) A message will pop up [Target Framework Changed ] , click YES
5) The Visual Studio 2010 will work and close all your forms and code screens, wait untill it says [ Ready ] .​
6) Display your form and open [Tool Box ], navigate to [ Reports ] you will find the Crystal Reports Components.​

7) Congratulations, You are done.

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