Question Report View Report.rdlc passing in datasets


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Aug 25, 2013
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I have only started to use the ReportViewer and Report in Visual Studio 2013 and I am finding it very confusing to be honest, I cant find a good example or even explanation of how the whole thing links together so far as I can work out it goes like this.

1) Add a new Report or Report Wizard item tot he project
by default its called report1.rdlc, you have the option of creating and adding a dataset to the report and use a widget/control and adding a value form each field from the dataset accordingly, creating a crosstab if so required!

2) create a new form and add in a report viewer into you project, while adding the viewer choose which report you want it to show and which dataset!

Now this is where it get confusing, if I have already assigned a dataset to my report1.rdlc why do I have to assign another to the report viewer!

So if I ave say 20 reports I have to add 20 reports and create 20 datasets! this all adds huge bulk to my project that I am trying to keep to a minimum.

Then I need someway of changing the reportviewer to choose each report and matching dataset!

Call me crazy but there got to be a simpler way...this is all before we even look at using parameters or stored procedures!

I use stored procedures a lot so ideally as I already have created several dataset that I use in datagridview's I would like to pass these datasets to my reportviewer which in turn chooses the correct report and assigns the data to this, thus avoiding parameters passing altogether!

Am I making any sense! Has anyone get a possible solution to my needs

kind regards