1. D

    Question Report View Report.rdlc passing in datasets

    Hi, I have only started to use the ReportViewer and Report in Visual Studio 2013 and I am finding it very confusing to be honest, I cant find a good example or even explanation of how the whole thing links together so far as I can work out it goes like this. 1) Add a new Report or Report...
  2. N

    Question Binding a data table made using a query to a report (RDLC)

    Hey guys I am new to RDLC, so I need some help. I have made a form, embedded the reporting viewer in it, and made an rdlc report with the data source as an access database on the network. I have added all the tables, so I can access all of them in the dataset that was created with this...
  3. T

    RDLC or Crystal Reports?

    Hi, I am a long VFP developer building my skills in VB.NET. In Fox we have an integrated report writer. In .NET we have Crystal and RDLC reports does anyone have an opinion about which one is better or where one should better invest their time? Thanks a lot, Tom.
  4. hpbhathiya

    Question What's the better reporting solution?

    I'm using VB on Visual Studio 2005 and in the process of creating a VB app, it's a Database application so once user updated the database i need to have a report displaying database data on a dynamic SQL query that is generated by app and then user can get that report printed out. So what's the...
  5. Andrew-Savin

    Stimulsoft Company Announces Stimulsoft Reports version 2010.1 release.

    Stimulsoft Company, an outstanding and leading manufacturer of software for business intelligence (reporting solutions for .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, Flex, PHP), has released version 2010.1 of Stimulsoft Reports. Stimulsoft Reports products help developers from commercial and non-profit organizations...
  6. T

    Binding Report Controls to Datasource dynamically

    Hi, I am trying to use Microsoft Reports in my Application. I have done this successfully using Report Wizard, but I want to do it dynamically now. I have created Dataset and BindingSource uptill now but I am unable to populate controls like textboxes on the Report4.rdlc with the data from the...
  7. Andrew-Savin

    Report generator for WPF. Long-expected tool.

    Stimulsoft Company today announces the release of a new product – Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf – the reporting tool for WPF. Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf – is the reporting tool that allows creating feature-rich reports, edit them, save, print and export to different formats. Stimulsoft Company strives...
  8. A

    Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q4 2008 Released

    What’s new in Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q4 2008? Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q4 2008 release includes many new and improved features in this suite of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Rendering Extensions. - Aspose.Words for Reporting Services announces full support of...
  9. A

    Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q3 2008 Released

    Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q3 2008 release includes many new and improved features in this suite of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Rendering Extensions. Now you can export RDL reports to multiple file formats like DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, WordML, PDF, PPT, PPS, XLS, XLSX and...
  10. Neodynamic

    Neodynamic Barcode Professional news

    Barcode Professional 5.0 for ASP.NET now available Neodynamic's flagship barcoding product has expanded its capabilities to include full design-time support for <b>Visual Studio 2008</b> and <b>Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition</b>, additional barcode standards including <b>Aztec Code...