Question Binding a data table made using a query to a report (RDLC)


Jun 27, 2012
Programming Experience
Hey guys

I am new to RDLC, so I need some help. I have made a form, embedded the reporting viewer in it, and made an rdlc report with the data source as an access database on the network. I have added all the tables, so I can access all of them in the dataset that was created with this connection. The fields I want to show in the report come from 2 different tables. I have designed an SQL query for this used this to create a table adapter and datatable in the same dataset. So when I preview the data in this dataset, I am getting exactly what I want, in the format that I want. I added a matrix to the report and selected this dataset as the data source, and dragged the appropriate column, row and grid values from the dataset. Unfortunately, the report shows no data, except the corner cell that shows the title of the rows. Can anyone tell me what the problem is here? Please let me know if you want more specific details. Thanks.