1. evry1falls

    Tip Instructions of how to install SAP Crystal Reports 2010

    The Link explains how to Download and Install the SAP Crystal Reports 2010 with VB .Net 2010 : it solves the following error : - Downloading the correct package - you didn't see the Crystal Report Viewer or the Crystal Report Document in tool box Downloading Navigate to the...
  2. H

    Creating a solution from existing source

    Hi, I got a source code which has 2 folders in it. 1: StandaloneApp 2: ApiIfCtrl The standaloneapp folder contains the vb 2005 files and the main form. However, the files in standalone app are using some methods/classes/types from ApiIfCtrl which contains the C Sharp code (its basically an...
  3. seinkraft

    Question Config file for multiple projects?

    Hi, i'm developing a solution who contains multiple projects in it, 3 executables and 4 dlls. There is any way to create a general config file for all projects? (not one for each one)