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  1. rjgagui

    Question Crystal Report Printing like an EXCEL FILE

    hi Everyone, is there a way that crystal reports can be printed in a manner excel would print a horizontally long details?? what i mean is, for example in excel i have 6 columns and only 3 colums can fit in a shortband the other 3 columns will be on the next page. aligning to my first 3...
  2. C

    Question Crystal report linking to Stored Procedure directly

    Hi All, I have a crystal report, which has to be linked with SQL Stored Procedure. Crystal report is in one server and data base is in another server. Is it possible to set the server location from another server? The database name is not being populated even if the server name is given...
  3. E

    Question crystal report cheque format

    how can i print a report with a bank cheque format?, i have a sample application here but you need to export your report to word then use a macro to get the cheque format and yes, that not what i need, i want it to be formatted in my crystal report, no exportations, but how? i need some sample...
  4. Neodynamic

    How to Directly Print a Crystal Reports to Default Client Printer from ASP.NET withou

    How to Directly Print a Crystal Reports to Default Client Printer from ASP.NET without Preview or Printer Dialog In this walkthrough, you'll learn how to directly print a Crystal Reports (RPT file) to the Default Client printer from an ASP.NET website without preview! In fact, you'll be able to...
  5. tonifirnandes

    Question Cannot Create New Paramter in Parameter Fields of Crystal Report

    Hello dear all the best programmer, i am so sorry for disturbing you again, finally i have could create thre report from crystl report in visual studio using vb . net programming language, but there is a problem again : i cannot creat new parameter ? actually the problem it's not i don't know...
  6. tonifirnandes

    Question crystal report using sql query problem ?

    Hello all the best programmer, i am so sorry for disturbing again, i have some problems that i don't know how to solve and where must i search about that, hopely you would like to help me thanks, i make report using sql query, and because of the query i get some fields that can import to the...
  7. tonifirnandes

    Question make a report from my database

    Hello dear all the best Programmer. i am so sorry for disturbing, hopely you would like to help me. i have some problems. i need to make an application to make a report from my database and my table using crystal report , vb. net and sql server database. because of i always make a new database...
  8. E

    How to generate a crystal report using sql query?

    just wondering, on how to generate a crystal report using a sql query? can someone please give me some idea? thanks
  9. A

    pass parameteres on crystal report , logon information

    I want to search clients that got to shop between two dates. The code I use seems alright and it doesn't return any error but the CR returns everything - It does not use the date search function. The CR I use is tested with a simple program that open CR and works fine. database is ms access and...
  10. T

    Print only selected datagridview rows in a crystal report

    Hi, i am having a trouble in printing in crystal report. i want only the selected row in dgv will show in my report. it is working when i select a single row, but when i select multiple row it doesn't work. please guide me in my code. here is my code...
  11. evry1falls

    Tip Instructions of how to install SAP Crystal Reports 2010

    The Link explains how to Download and Install the SAP Crystal Reports 2010 with VB .Net 2010 : it solves the following error : - Downloading the correct package - you didn't see the Crystal Report Viewer or the Crystal Report Document in tool box Downloading Navigate to the...
  12. T

    Question Transparent picture in Crystal Reports

    Hi everyone!! This is my first question to vbdotnetforums. I am developing an ID Card generating software in VB.Net 2005 with SQL Server 2000 as backend. In my project, I need to place signature image (transparent background) on the photo of card holders. (both photograph and signature are to...
  13. B

    Question crystal report

    how can i create a report where users can select data to be printed?thanks
  14. B

    Question Image in Crystal report

    Hello Friends, I've one problem with an Image which is to be placed in crystal report. I stored an image in sql server 2000 database in varbinary datatype. Now i want to retrive that image and display in crystal report using 2005. Any one know how to do this?
  15. M

    Question unknown database connector error in crystal report XI

    developing web application using visual studio and sql server 2000 and crystal report XI Release 2 and window 2003 server. when trying to create new connection in crystal report getting error message. create new connection > OLE DB (ADO) > Unknown Database Connector Error
  16. D

    Help with Loading Crystal reportPpath

    How do I load Crystal Report When I deploy it as .exe file Heres my code: Dim strReportPath As String = Application.StartupPath myDataAdapter.Fill(myDataset, "Payroll") Dim rep As New ReportDocument rep.Load("C:/../Payroll.rpt") rep.SetDataSource(myDataset)...
  17. J

    reinstall crystal reports in vs2008

    we recently move a project to vs2010... downloaded crystal 14.0 ... now i'm back on a project that is in vs2008... but when i try to open up a report i get symbols.. it looks like i'm missing crystal 10.5... i've tried to reinstall vs2008, hoping that it would just magically bring in crystal...
  18. Grafix

    Question How to Deploy application?

    Hi guys, I Googled my problem but couldn't get exactly what i want. My problem's here: I finished developing my VB.NET project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 I use MySQL Server 5.0 for the database and MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.9 to communicate. I also have crystal reports in the project. I...
  19. N

    Question Crystal Reporting - Columns

    I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and am creating a crystal report for my data. Basically, I want my group headers (NOT MY DETAILS) to show horiztontally instead of vertically. Example--if I wanted it grouped by favorite color: Instead of: Green Joe Amanda Blue Henry...
  20. tgf-47

    Question Select / click - event

    In my crystal report I have columns and rows. Columns displaying my headings and the rows the data in the table. Here is an example ID | Name ----|------ 123 | John 347 | Max 348 | Merry 749 | Pete and so on, u get the picture. NOW ---> When I click on cell B3 (Merry), I want to know what...
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