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Oct 28, 2010
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I have a requirement to create a socket server in VB .Net that is capable of handling data exchange from multiple mobile units to a central server (Not to each other). The units communicate using value pairs of information in the form of :
There are roughly 100 units that will be using the server at the same time, and each request requires a call to a webservice that will return a string in the same value pair format.

Our current (VB6 with winsock) server was only designed to be used by 10 or so units, in a synchronous manner. With the recent increase in usage it is incapable of keeping up.

I have already created a server with guidance from the Microsoft Asynchronous socket server example, and managed to send and retrieve data from a unit. Before i proceed any further down this track I was just wondering if anyone else had any better ideas as to how i should be proceeding. Code examples would be gratefully received !! :D

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