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    Socket Multiple Connection

    hey all , I wish to send message to multiple computers (LAN network). each computer in lab is running the server except one computer which is the client. problem : once message has been sent to first computer , the client stops to send to other computers. CLIENT : Dim ip As String Dim i As...
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    Question Socket connection aborted by client host on Windows 7

    I have a VB.Net socket client application using the Receive method in a background thread. This has been working great for some time and it is still working great. I am now trying to run this client on Windows 7 instead of Windows XP Pro. What works great on XP does not work well on Windows 7...
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    Question Asynchronous socket server

    Hi, I have a requirement to create a socket server in VB .Net that is capable of handling data exchange from multiple mobile units to a central server (Not to each other). The units communicate using value pairs of information in the form of :VARIABLE1=VALUE1&VARIABLE2=VALUE2&VARIABLE3=VALUE3...
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    NetworkStream BeginRead and EndRead Confusion

    hi, I am confused about the operation of the BeginRead and EndRead methods with respect to the way the buffer parameters in the BeginRead method are used. Firstly, there appears to be a serious problem in the code sample for the EndRead method (appears in version 2 and in 3.5 possible all...
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    Converting VB6 winsock app to .net

    Hi, I am converting an existing TCP server application that uses the winsock control from VB6 to The application runs as a service and communicates with approximately 500 clients. Each client is connected for long periods and has occasional conversations with the server. I have been...
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    Question socket send/receive answer

    hi all... i have an existing client / server application in java that works fine. it communicates through a socket connection and transfers only very small requests. i now want to create a windows moblie 5.0 client for the same application just to handle a few requests. unfortunately i have a...