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Oct 27, 2008
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hi all...

i have an existing client / server application in java that works fine. it communicates through a socket connection and transfers only very small requests.

i now want to create a windows moblie 5.0 client for the same application just to handle a few requests. unfortunately i have a problem with the socket communication.

after sending a request the request is not sent immediately, it is buffered by the socket. how can i release the request? in java i can use the flush method but i can't find anything like this in .net.

after that i can also not receive on the same socket connction.

what i am lookin for is the following:
- connect socket to server

- send request
- receive answer
- send request
- receive answer
- send request
- receive answer

- close connection

can anyone help me here?

thanks and regards,
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