1. B

    Thread creation error: Invalid access to memory location.

    Hey there, Recently I was developing an app to run other exe from other program's vicinity say 'abcd.exe'. I mean the exe which I will load in my app will run from memory but will be visible as abcd.exe, like injecting... I searched on net and I found something called RunPE, I loaded the code...
  2. O

    ListBox & Several Timers

    How do i make a ListBox with the addition of each item, the item be removed after 4 seconds? Added time and number of items is unknown. Other parts of the job application should not be hampered. I know that thread should I use, but I do not know. Thanks for your help
  3. S

    Reading serial port in background and responding when needed

    I have a app that needs to listen to a serial port and react when something happens. I have NOT yet figured out the hardware side of the serial port but it will be as simple as possible as all it needs to do is detect either a button pressed twice within one second or a constantly held button...
  4. S

    Question Threading issues using the threadpool

    Hello everyone! I'm working with 3.5SP1 /VS2008. I'm familiar with windows threads from C++ but I didn't do it since the 90s. I have 5 threadpool calls (ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem) that do some complex work (they read info from different web pages, regular expressions, etc) and each...
  5. D

    Question Terminating a Thread

    Can anyone tell me how to kill a thread immediately. I have tried MyThread.Abort, but it seems to do nothing. Someone told me it's because 'Abort' waits for the current operation to complete, but my thread will run for over 30 minutes before that happens. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. P

    Question Asynchronous socket server

    Hi, I have a requirement to create a socket server in VB .Net that is capable of handling data exchange from multiple mobile units to a central server (Not to each other). The units communicate using value pairs of information in the form of :VARIABLE1=VALUE1&VARIABLE2=VALUE2&VARIABLE3=VALUE3...
  7. Phix

    Resolved Thread and updating Forms

    I'm working on a website where we'll be getting a lot of videos to be uploaded. To keep things simple and secure, I'm just writing windows app to suck all the files in a directory in, allow you to set some options, and start the encode by spawning a new FFMpeg process. I have a working...
  8. roccoman

    new Thread versus BackgroundWorker updating UI

    hi all, i have lurked on these forums before and finally signed up i have a situation that, after days of searching the web, i have not been able to come up with a solution for. i have to fire off a function that takes a large amount of time (writes to database, creates files, etc etc) this...
  9. K

    Question How to monitor if datatable is still being "filled" from data adapter.

    I am filling a datatable contained within a dataset from a datadapter in a separate thread. What I want to do is see if this datatable is still being "filled" so that I wait until its done before I call upon it from the primary thread. Is there a status in the datatable that shows that it is...
  10. D

    Question cross thread call problem

    Hi, Even though there are many examples of Invoke operations, I can't find something that works for me. (I'm using VS 2008, and working in VB) Here is what i have: A main module with functions (thread 1) that starts a BeginRead for a TCPClient. When the callback function executes (on thread...
  11. D

    Question Populate TreeView in Background worker

    In vb2005, I have to load a treeview control while loading the form so make the form loading more effective therefore I use Background worker to populate treeview. I tried treeview to pass by ref and faced the error “Cross thread operation not valid: Control” accessed from a thread other than...
  12. S

    Question What happens to a killed process? Does it exit properly?

    I have a app that is starting up a thread that runs the standard windows defrag utility. It also gives the user the option to cancel the defrag if they want to. Problem is if the thread defrag is running on is canceled is there any data loss or does it just do the last operation and then exit...
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