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    Issue with error handling in callback

    New to asynchronous calls, in this case using a call back. The code below works. The code is calling a rather rudimentary web service which returns xml. If the service returns xml the code works fine and msresponse is filled with the xml and the funcion "GetWebserviceData" is able to return, to...
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    Question Multithreading App Blocking UI

    I've been trying for about 3 months now to write a multithreaded app to collect data from multiple machines in a machine shop and insert the data into a database. There are 87 machines, 48 of which dump their data into text files on a network drives, and 39 of which that can be polled for data...
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    Question Display fluid standard output from console process in WinForm?

    Hi. I've been searching around the web and here for several days and haven't found a solution to my problem. I'm a veteran ASP.NET developer but I'm new to WinForms and multithreading. I'm using VS 2010 and VB.NET 4.0. I have a console application that takes minutes to hours to run. It...
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    Question Asynchronous communication help

    Hi I have an application that i have communicating with another device using an asynchronous communication methdod (beginreceive method). I need to lnow if there is.a.way to.stop this communication without actually i.have a calnacl method set up so that when data is received it...
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    Question Asynchronous socket server

    Hi, I have a requirement to create a socket server in VB .Net that is capable of handling data exchange from multiple mobile units to a central server (Not to each other). The units communicate using value pairs of information in the form of :VARIABLE1=VALUE1&VARIABLE2=VALUE2&VARIABLE3=VALUE3...