A tip for making "columns" in list boxes


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Feb 17, 2009
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Hello all!

My name is Camron, and this is my first post on the VB.NET forums.

I joined the forums because I am using Visual Studio this semester in my school.

Anyway, I thought I would share a neat little trick with everyone for creating "columns" in a list box without having to use DataGrids. Now, there are some restrictions:

1. You must use monospaced fonts
2. These are not real columns, they only look like columns
3. You must have a maximum length of the different columns

However, they present information nicely within a list box, so here goes:

When you add a row to a ListBox, you can format the string you input by using the String.Format method. For example:

Dim ZoneFormat As String = "{0,-10}{1,-20}{2,-8}"
With CourseList.Items
.Add(String.Format(ZoneFormat, "Course ID", "Course Name","Hours"))
.Add(String.Format(ZoneFormat, "IST235", "Client Server Programming,"96"))
.Add(String.Format(ZoneFormat, " IST245", " Data Base Management","80"))
End With

Makes a well formatted little.

Thought I'd share this. Couldn't hurt anyone. If anyone sees an issue with this, or has something to add, please feel free! I love hearing about improvements and learning stuff

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