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    Recursive file searching

    Hi. I have some code which recursively searches for files on a folder. The problem is I want it to change a boolean value once it has completed. I don't mean once it gets to the end of the sub, I mean once it's literally finished. I had to code it the way it is otherwise I would have gotten...
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    Question export list box data to database

    I have a simple calculator app. The user enters numbers into two separate text boxes. The user can press one of four buttons for each arithmetic operand. The result is displayed in the result label. If the user presses the Display button, the entire operation is displayed in a list box, which...
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    Class, class inheritance, list box

    I've created a Form that allows a user to enter two numbers, one in each textbox. There is an add/subtract/multiply/divide button. The user then presses Save to save the equation, and Display to display the entire equation in the listbox, which can store up to ten equations. I am to use a class...
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    Combo box - list box - Access database

    Hi! Basically I need to create a form that will display a summary of the population trend for each species of butterfly from a database that I have. I will do this by having the user select which butterfly species he/she wants to view from a combo box and then the list box will display the...
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    Question Visual Basic: How to print the text from a list box

    i have made a basic program for college which makes a calculation and diplays the information in a listbox, how do i then print that text? :D really appreciate any help
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    Question need to display the selected item frm a list box in to a label.

    Hi I have items in a listbox. the user have to select one item(its mandatory) and after have to click next button to proceed to the next form. in the second form the selected item should be displayed in a label. Any help would be appreciated.
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    A tip for making "columns" in list boxes

    Hello all! My name is Camron, and this is my first post on the VB.NET forums. I joined the forums because I am using Visual Studio this semester in my school. Anyway, I thought I would share a neat little trick with everyone for creating "columns" in a list box without having to use...
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